Efficient alternatives for conventional light bulbs

The EU directive describes legal requirements, the date from which certain light sources may no longer be sold commercially. That does not mean that incandescent lamps may no longer be used in the household. It solely regulates retail sales. Anyone still using incandescent lamps at home is not obliged to replace them – even if this would be worthwhile. Energy-efficient products are indeed initially more expensive to buy; however in most cases they already pay off after about a year, due to substantially lower energy costs.

OSRAM offers numerous energy-efficient and also modern products. Three different lighting technologies are used to provide the right products in each application for customers.

Alternative products from OSRAM

OSRAM offers three lamp technologies that can be used as an energy-efficient or modern replacement for the conventional incandescent lamp. Halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLi) and LED lamps. A detailed overview.

Stage plan for EU ban of old light bulbs

For household lighting a phase-out scenario exists, starting in 2009 to phase out less efficient light sources step by step. An overview of light sources and timing of the phase-out.

Sustainability at OSRAM

LED - innovative, efficient, flexible

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