OSRAM special lighting: highly professional solutions for specialized applications

As one of the largest global light manufacturers, OSRAM produces highly professional award-winning special lamps for different areas of application. Special lamps from OSRAM provide effective solutions for airport lighting, cinema projection, event and architectural lighting, studio, stage and TV lighting and effect lighting as well as applications in the technical scientific areas and in medicine.

OSRAM special lighting systems

HBO short-arc mercury vapor lamps

HBO lamps are used almost exclusively in the technical scientific sector, predominantly for fluorescence microscopy and UV curing.

XBO xenon short-arc lamps

XBO lamps are used for cinema projection, professional video projectors, event and architectural lighting as well as in fiber optics systems, for example in endoscopy or surgical microscopy equipment.

HMI metal halide lamps

HMI lamps provide reliable, high-performance light sources used in studio, stage and TV applications.

HTI (SharXS) metal halide lamps

HTI lamps are used in the majority of modern effect lighting systems. Important advantage: their high degree of luminance.  The emitted light can be concentrated and redirected extremely well.

Lok-it! Halogen lamp with special bases

Lok-it! Halogen lamps with PGJX50 base are often used for effect and stage lighting. The compact special lamps can be changed in an instant without using tools.

HSD metal halide lamps

HSD lamps are used specifically in the area of architectural effect lighting, or architainment for short. The wattage range extends from 150 W to 575 W.

HSR metal halide lamps

HSR lamps are used mostly for architectural lighting. HSR lamps are available with a color temperature of 6000 or 7200 Kelvin, depending on the type and application and can be found in most standard effect lighting equipment, often in outdoor areas as well.

EMH metal halide lamps

Offering an excellent price-performance ratio, EMH lamps are especially recommended for use in discos, clubs, retail outlets and on small stages.

HXP short-arc mercury vapor lamps

HXP lamps are the preferred light source in the medical sector and numerous technical application areas. Due to the short arc and elliptic reflector, the radiation generated can be transferred to fiber optics systems extremely efficiently. The lamps are also characterized by an extremely long service life.

P-VIP projection lamps

P-VIP lamps are high pressure mercury lamps for use in video projectors, projection televisions and other projection applications. The mercury discharge spectrum is altered through the very high operating pressure of more than 200bar, to give a dense multi-line spectrum which is ideal for projection purposes.

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