Flexible LED modules

Flexible LED modules from OSRAM

As a result of their flexibility and individually adjustable lengths, flexible LED modules are perfectly suited to professional accent lighting. The shadow-free LED continuous lighting strips facilitate an extremely uniform light along the strip (fine binning).

Adapt the light source to your design – not the other way around

The professional 24 volt systems provide greater efficiency and can be used along the entire strip, even in extended lengths, without any drop in voltage and reduction in lighting intensity. The flexible OSRAM LED modules offer a wide selection with regard to lighting intensity and light color and are well suited to indoor and outdoor use. Intelligent thermal management, combined with suitable control gear, also ensures optimum efficiency and a long lifespan. Installation: easy to handle. The self-adhesive back and the accessories available assist in problem-free installation.

With the LINEARlight Flex modules, OSRAM addresses professional users, and with the VALUE Flex modules, both end consumers and semiprofessional users.

Preferred areas of application

  • Shop & retail
  • Hospitality
  • Office lighting
  • Marine applications
  • Signage

Preferred areas of deployment

  • General illumination & cove lighting
  • Cabinet lighting & shelf lighting
  • Orientation lighting & handrail lighting
  • Decorative ambiance and effect lighting
  • Edge accentuation
  • Edge coupling

Flexible LED modules can be effectively integrated in many different areas

Flexible LED modules are perfectly suited for use in event lighting, permitting exciting accentuation.
In hospitality lighting, flexible LED modules can provide effective ambient character.
LED continuous lighting strips, combined with pendant luminaires, facilitate a varied ambient experience.
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