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The new LIGHTIFY app version is available on the iOS App Store und on Google Play before Xmas.
New LIGHTIFY app version 1.1.0 available Application:  General lighting, Home
Technology:  LED, LIGHTIFY Consumer
Target group:  Consumer

A particularly good message to Christmas for all LIGHTIFY friends: with the new app update 1.1.0 there will be a few enhancements.

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In the winter months, pay particular attention to correctly set headlights and the right lamps such as the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED.
The right car light in winter – with the suitable products by OSRAM Application:  Automotive
Technology:  Tungsten halogen, LED
Target group:  Consumer, Trade, Garage, General public

Having the right car lighting is particularly important in the dark months of the year – good lighting provides more brightness on roads. Not all vehicle drivers take this lighting factor [...]

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Video LED lamps
New LED lamps video at YouTube Application:  General lighting, Home, Hospitality
Technology:  LED
Target group:  Architect, Electrician, Lighting Designer

With the wide range of OSRAM LED lamps you can meet the highest customer demands. Follow our competent electrical installer through a project where he can replace traditional lighting easily by OSRAM [...]

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debut – a new shopping experience with virtual reality Application:  Entertainment, Retail
Technology:  LED
Target group:  Consumer, General public, Lighting Designer, Retail, Shop owner

debut: a virtual shopping experience, which you probably have never seen before. It offers multiple possibilities for customer and retailer.

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The Essen Motor Show 2014 is taking place from 29 November to 7 December at the exhibition center in Essen.
OSRAM at the Essen Motor Show 2014 Application:  Automotive
Technology:  Tungsten halogen, LED
Target group:  Consumer, Trade, Garage

Essen Motor Show 2014: once again, this year OSRAM presented its successful product portfolio for the automotive sector at Germany's most-visited tuning fair. The Essen Motor Show is Europe's [...]

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Arktika P-LED, CL LED Familie und ONYX Copilot are awarded with a
German Design Award 2015: a Special Mention for three OSRAM luminaires Application:  Automotive, Effect lighting, Home, Office buildings
Technology:  LED, Luminaires
Target group:  Architect, General public, Lighting Designer

Three OSRAM products gained a "Special Mention" award in the Excellent Product Design category at the German Design Awards 2015. The award went to the efficient Arktika P-LED pendant design [...]

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PrevaLED Flat AC PrevaLED Cube AC IES Award
OSRAM LED lighting solutions voted for 2014 IES Progress Report Application:  Educational institutions, General lighting, Hospitality, Office buildings
Technology:  LED
Target group:  Architect, Cities and municipalities, Electrician, Lighting Designer, Luminaire manufacturers, OEM, Wholesale

PrevaLED Flat AC and PrevaLED Cube AC, two LED Light engines developed by OSRAM with integrated control gear, have been nominated for the 2014 IES Progress Report

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Linearlight Flex Protect and PrevaLED Cube
LED lighting products recognized for Design Excellence Awards in 2014 (ADEX) Application:  Effect lighting, General lighting, Hospitality
Technology:  LED
Target group:  Architect, Electrician, Industry partners, Lighting Designer, Luminaire manufacturers, OEM, Shop owner, Wholesale

Demonstrating its continuing commitment to solid state lighting (SSL) innovation, OSRAM LED products have won Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) from Design Journal.

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Today's LED light allows the lighting in all RGB colors. The technical basis has been established several decades ago.
Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014 for the development of LED lighting technology Application:  General lighting
Technology:  LED
Target group:  Architect, Consumer, Electrician, Trade, Lighting Designer, OEM, Urban planners

The Nobel Prize in physics 2014 will be awarded for the invention of the blue LED. As a worldwide leading LED provider, OSRAM cordially congratulates the winners Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano und Shuji [...]

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The LED lighting solution with presence detection brightens once a subway approaches.
LED lighting solutions on the Metro Donostialdea subway line in the Basque region Application:  General lighting, Industrial buildings, Street & Urban
Technology:  LED
Target group:  Architect, Cities and municipalities, Electrician, Lighting Designer, Luminaire manufacturers, Urban planners

Shortly before a train arrives at the Intxaurrondo station the lighting on the platform increases to maximum brightness. As the train leaves the station the luminous intensity returns to half its [...]

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Results: 1-10 of 113

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