SubstiTUBE Basic: modern Led tubes in the tried and tested T8 lamp shape

Application:  Industrial buildings, Industrial applications, Street & Urban, Supermarkets
Technology:  LED
Target group:  Consumer, Electrician, Trade, Wholesale

SubstiTUBE Basic: modern Led tubes in the tried and tested T8 lamp shape

SubstiTUBE Basic: the LED tubes by OSRAM offer a great potential for many applications with its most modern LED technology. Its tried and tested T8 lamp shape allows the SubstiTUBE Basic to act as a replacement for current T8 fluorescent lamps: Luminaires with a conventional ballast can be upgraded very quickly.

The SubstiTUBE Basic allows savings of up to 68 %, without having to forgo pleasant uniform light. The LED tubes are particularly suited to lighting installations having high operating hours, which are soon amortized because of their low power consumption and the low maintenance costs. In addition, the full light level is available immediately - an ideal property for use with motion sensors.

SubstiTUBE Basic - Top features at a glance

  • Quick, simple and safe replacement with no rewiring on the CCG
  • Up to 68 % energy savings when compared to standard T8 applications
  • Uniform illumination
  • Full brightness without warm-up phase
  • Wide beam angle of 160 degrees
  • Very high resistance to frequent on/off switching
  • Available in lengths of 600, 1,200 and 1,500 millimeters
  • Available in 3,000, 4,000 and 6,500 Kelvin ratings

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