Futurel LED: innovative free-standing luminaire for flexible use in the office

Application:  Office buildings
Technology:  LED, Luminaires
Target group:  Architect, Electrician

Futurel LED: innovative free-standing luminaire for flexible use in the office

Futurel LED: an innovative free-standing luminaire for modern room and office interiors. Individual, with simple design and using futuristic lighting technology. Perfect to the flexible requirements of the workplace.

Individual lighting in the workplace 

The Futurel LED from OSRAM´s subsidiary Siteco provides the ideal light for illuminating workplaces. This free-standing LED luminaire's doubly asymmetric light distribution provides you with precise, energy-saving, individualized illumination for your workplace. With a glare limit of UGR < 19 and luminance < 1500 cd/m2, the luminaires fully conform to the criteria required of computer screen workplaces. 

Intelligent sensor technology

Another benefit of the Futurel LED is that they provide light only when it is needed. An integrated motion sensor detects the presence of people. The luminaire also measures the available daylight, automatically switching the free-standing luminaire on or off accordingly.

Innovative control options

The Futurel LED can be easily adjusted to the individual lighting needs of the user. A knob on the stand is the luminaire's central operating control. A special highlight of the luminaire is the fact that its control settings can be fixed using bluetooth. This allows users to control a variety of settings via their notebook.

Futurel LED – the benefits at a glance

  • LED technology for direct and indirect share of lighting using a separate switching option
  • Provides the perfect light for computer screen workplaces
  • Extremely precise light distribution using doubly asymmetrical beam characteristics
  • Integrated daylight and motion sensor
  • Conforms to EN 12464 regulations for spaces with ceiling heights of up to four meters
  • Its control settings can be fixed by bluetooth
  • Timeless design through its extremely simple contours and very flat luminaire head
  • Available both in silver and in white
  • Available with a table clamp for height-adjustable tables

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