<b>Whatever it is that means most to you</b>

Strong performance for your car to bring you and what means most to you home safely. The NIGHT BREAKER family represents quality, luminous intensity, and output, as well as discipline, passion, and success. Automotive performance lamps from OSRAM with their strong light set new standards for automotive lighting. Every product of the family provides its own strenghts.

Whatever it is that means most to you - with more light power you will see better and can be seen better. Make your way home a bit safer. Whether you are driving with halogen or xenon headlights: You have the choice. OSRAM provides the suitable bulb.

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1 Compared to standard halogen lamps
2 Compared to standard xenon lamps

Why choosing NIGHT BREAKER performance lamps?

Discover the power of automotive lamps in their three dimensions:

  • Luminous intensity: for more light on the road
  • Light cone: for visibly better illumination of the road surface.
  • Light color: for fatigue-free and comfortable driving

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Did you know?

These facts may be new to you, but nevertheless they will change your view of things. It's not without a reason that the NIGHT BREAKER family lamps are the most popular classics among car drivers.

3 Analysis of driver speeds under night driving conditions using a driving simulator, Journal of Safety Research, Volume 49, June 2014
4 Interview Dr. Roland Fiederling, Application Engineer / Dr. Markus Hessler, Development Engineer, OSRAM Automotive, March2014

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