ORIGINAL motorcycle lamps

High quality and reliability

Original motorcycle lamps

OSRAM ORIGINAL motorcycle lamps are more than just a standard lighting solution. Whether as series original equipment for motorcycles or as replacement units, these lamps feature high quality and reliability.

The ideal replacement lamps for your motorcycle or moped, OSRAM ORIGINAL lamps have been tested for vibration resistance.

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Note: Over time lamps project less light, and that reduces the driver's nighttime visibility. To get the full benefit of your headlights, change lamps in pairs before they burn out. Avoid unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beams!


OSRAM’s ORIGINAL LINE HS1, S1, and S2 scooter lights combine reliable quality with a high level of brightness, long lifespan, and very good value. They are the basic products for anyone seeking perfect replacement lamps for their scooter. Above all, the OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE S1 and S2 lamps offer superb brightness and a particularly long lifespan compared with conventional standard halogen lamps – without any black discoloration.

Product highlights at a glance

  • Reliable OEM quality
  • Optimum price-to-performance ratio
  • Excellent brightness and reliability
  • S1 and S2 lamps last up to four times longer without any black discoloration compared to standard halogen lamps

Product catalog: ORIGINAL LINE


XENARC ORIGINAL lamps feature a long lifespan, as well as OEM quality. The xenon lamps are the ideal replacement for defective light sources. Their color temperature of up to 4,500 Kelvin simulates natural daylight, which is more pleasant to the eye than standard halogen light. OSRAM provides a guarantee of four years for XENARC ORIGINAL lamps.

Product benefits at a glance

  • Four-year OSRAM guarantee
  • Ideal as replacement lamps
  • OEM quality
  • Long lifespan
  • Bright xenon light

Safety information

We recommend using a qualified mechanic when replacing XENARC lamps.

Product catalog: XENARC ORIGINAL

Overview: signal lamps from OSRAM in the ORIGINAL portfolio

Whether as accent lighting, decorative light, or simply as a spare part – the ORIGINAL LINE signal lamps are highly recommended for auxiliary lighting.

They combine renowned quality with optimum brightness, a long lifespan, and an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Car original spare part lamps

Original spare parts for cars

OEM quality


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