Scooter lights

Scooter lights

Superb quality, performance and style

OSRAM scooter lights are the ideal solution for anyone wanting exceptional luminous intensity, performance, and a certain exclusivity. The options range from reliable, strong light in original OEM quality, an on-trend bluish-white xenon look, or the high performance model for very discerning tastes.

Whatever the type, all S1, S2, and HS1 lamps from OSRAM have been tested for vibration resistance on various road conditions. As a result, they are well-prepared for the road at any time of day or night.

Download: Motorcycle lamps by OSRAM (PDF)

Note: Over time lamps project less light, and that reduces the driver's nighttime visibility. To get the full benefit of your headlights, change lamps in pairs before they burn out. Avoid unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beams!

Take a look at our product range of high performance lamps for scooters, mopeds, motor-scooters, or motorcycles from the NIGHT RACER, X-RACER, and ORIGINAL LINE product range.


In the NIGHT RACER 50, OSRAM offers a lamp for the price-conscious motorcyclist. The motorcycle lamps have up to 50% more light compared to standard halogen lamps, enabling hazards to be detected significantly earlier. The modern design with characteristic silver cap also ensures a unique appearance.

Product benefits at a glance

  • Up to 50% more light and a light cone up to 20 meters longer compared to standard halogen lamps
  • More time to react
  • Outstanding price-to-performance ratio
  • Modern design with silver cap

Product catalog: NIGHT RACER 50


OSRAM NIGHT RACER 90 emit up to 90% more light on the road in comparison to standard halogen lamps. In addition, their up to 30-meter longer light cone ensures even better visibility all around. The partial blue coating additionally reduces the dazzling of oncoming traffic.

Product benefits at a glance

  • Up to 90 % more light with up to 30-meter longer light cone compared to standard halogen lamps
  • Robust coil design for more resilience
  • Less dazzling thanks to a patented partial coating
  • Inert gas filling composition ensures efficient light generation

Product catalog: NIGHT RACER 90


X-RACER - the right choice for all motorcyclists wanting to see and be seen. The halogen motorcycle lamp features modern, blue-white light – with a color temperature of 4,200 Kelvin - approximating that of xenon lamps. The resulting brighter lighting effect is more pleasant for the rider. The tried and tested bluish Cool Blue Intense coating and stylish silver cap give the lamps an unmistakable appearance.

Special highlight: The X-RACER H4 and H7 versions are available as a double blister with attractive motorcycle helmet packaging. Simulating a genuine motorcycle helmet, the mini-helmet is ideal as a box for storing the spare lamp.

Product benefits at a glance

  • Bluish white light for an unmistakable xenon look
  • Color temperature of up to 4,200 Kelvin
  • More time to react due to the bright light
  • "Vibration-resistant" technology
  • Up to 20% more light compared to standard halogen lamps
  • Modern design with silver cap

Product catalog: X-RACER


OSRAM’s ORIGINAL LINE HS1, S1, and S2 scooter lights combine reliable quality with a high level of brightness, a long lifespan, and very good value. They are the basic products for anyone seeking perfect replacement lamps for their scooter. Above all, the OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE S1 and S2 lamps offer superb brightness and a particularly long lifespan compared to conventional standard halogen lamps – without any black discoloration.

Product highlights at a glance

  • Reliable OEM quality
  • Optimum price-to-performance ratio
  • Excellent brightness and reliability
  • S1 and S2 lamps last up to four times longer without any black discoloration compared to standard halogen lamps
Product catalog: ORIGINAL LINE
Motorcycle lighting by OSRAM

Motorcycle lighting from OSRAM

Visible, efficient and individual

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