Automotive design exterior lighting

Stylish, trendy and fully legal


Do you want your car’s lighting not just to do the job it was intended to do, but also to look stylish? Then you are in good company! Modern lighting design is capturing the attention of more and more car drivers.

Would you prefer something a little bluer? Well with our COOL BLUE INTENSE headlights with high-performance halogen technology or the exquisite Xenon light fo the XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE, you will turn the gaze of the street in your direction. Also in the OSRAM lighting range: Matching products for brake lights, indicators and tail lights. Their name: DIADEM CHROME. They may shine in yellow or red but, thanks to their modern interference coating, are almost invisible.

LED – the technology of the future

LEDs are excellent for exterior lighting of vehicles. They have a very long service life, are resistant to vibrations and environmental conditions and are very suitable for use in high-end automotive design lighting. And their excellent efficiency should not be forgotten either: they provide high-power light intensity for very little power consumption. LEDs – a stylish, safe and efficient future technology that will turn your car into an absolute design object.

Download: Cool light with a strong effect (PDF)
Car with LED daytime running lights


LED daytime running lights – design and safety

Attractive design and a dynamic look in keeping with the spirit of the times.

OSRAM's LED daytime running lights lend your car that bit of style and provide outstanding light intensity even during the daytime.

Product catalog: LED daytime running lights
Car with LED fog lights

LED fog lights

Strong fog lights – retrofit with LED

Fight fog, rain and snow with fog lights with daytime running light function from the LEDriving FOG family. With outstanding illumination and stylish design.

Individualize your car with LEDriving FOG PL by choosing out of 5 ornament colors.

Product catalog: LEDriving FOG PL
Car with stylish headlight lamps

Xenon and halogen headlight lamps – still in focus

Xenon is impressive especially because of its cool bluish light, its long service life and high luminous efficacy. Halogen automotive lamps are friendly to everyone's pocket and provide a high-contrast light similar to daylight, thus ensuring journeys with less tiredness.

Product catalog: COOL BLUE INTENSE Product catalog: XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE
Car with DIADEM signal lamp

Signal lamps

Design signal lights

Signal lights – in addition to modern headlight design, the ideal opportunity to give your car that stylish touch.

Product catalog: DIADEM

Legal tuning

Be careful to pay attention to all relevant test certifications. Almost all unapproved products are prohibited for good reasons! Most such auto lights either give too little light or dazzle oncoming traffic with their strong light. Do you want to be responsible for such effects?

But also be wary of information giving color temperatures that are far too high. With automotive lamps, figures of above 5,000 Kelvin cannot be reached without losing massive amounts of light. And values of 7000 or even 10,000 are either illegal or incorrectly recorded.

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