Stylish automotive lighting for your car

Stylish automotive lighting for your car

Lamps and fixtures for a special look

Beautiful, stylishly-designed automotive lamps give your car an unmistakable modern look. Striking light will turn your vehicle into a real eye-catcher, attracting glances from all around, ensuring you make a statement without saying a word.

The attractive power of the automobile and the magic of light play off each other. Light is the perfect automobile accessory, catching the eye and turning heads.

But only the right light complements an automobile's design to its fullest potential. Highlight the curves and angles of your car with stylish light from OSRAM.

Download: Vehicle light range – Catalog 2018/19 (PDF)

Note: Over time lamps project less light, and that reduces the driver's nighttime visibility. To get the full benefit of your headlights, change lamps in pairs before they burn out. Avoid unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beams!

Experience our lamps now in 360°

Get the look: Design exterior lighting

Whether ECE approved or for off-road use only: LED exterior lighting lets your car shine

Design exterior lighting

Stylish headlight lamps, fog lights and DRL

Do you want your car's lighting not just to do the job it was intended to do, but to look good, too? With our COOL BLUE INTENSE headlight lamps with high-performance technology or with the bluish xenon light of our XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE, you'll turn the gaze of the street in your direction.

Design exterior lighting
App-based LED exterior lighting

LEDambient CONNECT family

App-based styling lights

Customize your vehicle’s look with the LEDambient CONNECT products. Simple to install and run, these innovative LED products use Bluetooth technology. Once paired to the free LEDambient CONNECT app you can synchronize your music to up to 10 LEDambient CONNECT systems to pulse to the same beat. Or set custom color presets with many colors to choose from, and control them all with one device.

App based exterior lighting

Individual car interior styling with light

Modern light accents according to your needs

LED design interior lighting

LED interior lighting

LED replacement lamps

With LED retrofits you achieve a completely new light effect for your car's interior. You have the choice between lamps with color temperature from 4,000 to 6,800 Kelvin – from intensive warm white up to bluish Xenon white for a modern design.

The first choice for all car drivers keen on design and tuning!

LED retrofits
LED design interior lighting

LED interior lighting

LED styling lights

LED lighting in cars is refreshing, attractive and pleasant, and has an appealing contemporary touch.

Light individually matched to you as a car driver. Add a special touch with app-controlled light strips from the LEDambient CONNECT family: thanks to LED, everyone can design a personal lighting atmosphere in their own car.

LED styling lights
Different cars with different headlight lamps

What's your perfect match?

Even more light on the street, stylish looks, or fewer lamp changes

Car lamps from OSRAM fulfill many requirements. What do you need in an automotive lamp? Find one that's right for you and your car.

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