Light beats darkness

Light beats darkness

NIGHT BREAKER – 10 years of safer driving


A success story with uncompromising performance

At the wheel of your car, you are constantly bombarded with a multitude of acoustic and visual stimuli, a large proportion of which is subconsciously translated into concrete driving actions. The situation changes as it gets darker: it becomes harder to see, and subconscious control functions begin to diminish. At the same time, you have less time for conscious reactions and driving becomes more strenuous. How often have you wished for more light in situations like this?

The growing costumer demands led to the development of the first generation of NIGHT BREAKER lamps ten years ago. With it´s uncompromising performance NIGHT BREAKER LASER lamps still set the standards: With up to 130% more light compared to standard halogen lamps NIGHT BREAKER LASER offers more light and more safety on the road.

Download: 10 years NIGHT BREAKER (PDF)

More light, better vision, increased safety

Break through the darkness and see more with NIGHT BREAKER lamps.

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* Compared to standard halogen lamps


History and product overview

Upgrade to NIGHT BREAKER - it´s so fast and easy

If you’re looking for uncompromising lighting performance, you shouldn’t wait too long to change. Particularly when it’s so easy: