OLED rear lights for another premium car

Next-generation lighting in razor-sharp performance


BMW has decided to equip its M4 GTS with OLED rear lights from Osram. Used foremost in entertainment electronics, OLEDs are now successfully implemented in this new M4 GTS and hit the road soon.


Category: Automotive
Subcategory: Cars
Technology/Services: OLED
Year: 2017

Road suitability for OLEDS

As the next-generation lighting technology in cars, organic Light-emitting diodes (OLED) come with outstanding features. Instead of a point of light, known from classic LED lights, an OLED produces an area of light and is in the M4 GTS particularly eye-catching when looking at the light slightly from the side.

To meet automotive demands, Osram had to face new challenges such as a higher temperature range for semiconductors and robust material to insure the life and luminous flux. The 15 OLEDs installed on each side in the BMW M4 GTS meet these demands.

Market maturity for OLEDs from OSRAM

Back in 2012 Osram could already demonstrate research success with OLEDs and minimize obstacles regarding serial production to a very small level. Today OLED modules for the automotive market fulfil the standards of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) regarding emission colour and luminous intensity for tail lamps.

After the debut of OLEDs for the new BMW car, other car manufactures intend to use OLEDs in their rear lights, too.

Benefits of rear light with flexible OLEDs at a glance:

  • Segments individually dimmable and controllable
  • Convex and concave bending possible
  • Freeform design
  • High homogenity without complicated light management solutions