Transport simulation/packaging test

The task of transport simulation and packaging testing is to simulate the transport load of the prototype on the way to its later location by means of suitable test procedures in the field of vibration testing and environmental simulation.

The transport simulation optimizes your costs and reduces the risk of transport damage through the packaging test. So that you can send your product calmly on the journey anytime. In this way, we make the environment calculable for you - all accompanied by experience, competence and safety.

As a certified testing laboratory, we can offer you all standard testing programs in the field of packaging testing / shipping simulation customized to your needs.

Our services

  • Drop tests
  • Vibration test
  • Single shock
  • Continuous shock
  • Sine sweep
  • Random Noise Vibration
  • Sine via noise
  • Multiple sinus
  • Climate tests

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Environment Simulation Laboratory
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