Auto Bild xenon lamp test

AUTO BILD xenon lamp test 2015: best results for OSRAM XENARC lamps

OSRAM XENARC NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED is test winner in the AUTO BILD Xenon lamp test 2015

27.10.2015 | Awards

The OSRAM XENARC NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED finished first in the current xenon lamp tests conducted by the German car Magazine AUTO BILD. Other OSRAM lamps also impressed the jury. OSRAM XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE finished second and XENARC ORIGINAL took fourth place. The conclusion from the AUTO BILD test was that cheaper lights produced more glare. The OSRAM lamps however, scored highly on brand quality, long lifespan, and high performance.

AUTO BILD test process:

The AUTO BILD lamp test was conducted on 12 different D2S type xenon lamps in the price range between €8.50 and €210. The testers put brand name manufacturers, as well as No Name products under scrutiny. The lamps were tested according to ECE Regulation R99 for gas discharge lamps at the Dekra lighting laboratory in Arnheim in the Netherlands. Luminous flux and light distribution on the road were evaluated using various test points with Valeo headlamps in a Renault Mégane.

The key point in the process was "Point 75R" – this lies 75 meters in front of the vehicle on the right-hand side of the road. The brighter the light at this point, the safer the driver will be.

OSRAM xenon lamps score well in key test categories

XENARC NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED scored a full ten points in the test categories "luminous flux," "range", "brightness" and "glare" and completed the test with an overall rating of "very good." XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE and XENARC ORIGINAL were also rated "good" overall in the test categories.

AUTO BILD website: all details on the xenon lamps test (in German) News: Auto Express xenon headlight bulb test: "Best Buy" award for XENARC NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED

The tested OSRAM lamps at a glance:

XENARC NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED: maximum visibility and safety

XENARC NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED scored highly for its outstanding visibility in demanding road situations. See all product characteristics of the OSRAM lamp here:

XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE – strong contrasts and cooler look

With an extra-blue and high-contrast xenon light, XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE is ideal for customers who want the perfect combination of stylish and individual design and maximum lane illumination. Learn more about the benefits of the lamp in our product catalogue:

XENARC ORIGINAL – Original spare parts for tried and trusted original equipment quality

XENARC ORIGINAL car lamps set standards for modern xenon car lamps. With up to 4,500 Kelvin color temperature, they are closer to natural daylight than standard halogen lamps with 3,200 Kelvin – and thus easier on the eyes.