Ledinspect MINI wins Best Buy Award

LEDinspect MINI 125 wins BEST BUY Award 2016

Auto Express tests cordless LED inspection lamps

21.10.2016 | Awards

The OSRAM LEDinspect MINI 125 has won the "Best Buy" award from the british car magazine "Auto Express" in the category cordless LED inspection lamps. In its product group test of the September edition "Auto Express" tested a variety of ten cordless LED inspection lamps from different providers.

Mini inspection lamps or so-called pocket and pen lights have gained popularity among gearheards and professional workshops. Small and battery-operated, these modern cordless LED inspection lamp provide illumination for even the tightest spaces and difficult-to-access locations. For its test "Auto Express" had a close look at the overall brightness and beam pattern. Light output levels, size, additional features such as torches, inclusive batteries and the recommended retail price from online sources were also considered.

The magazine put the OSRAM LEDinspect MINI 125 on rank number one. The testers were most convinced by its superior light output compared to the competition. Therefore the LEDinspect MINI 125 received a 5 star rating as the only pocket light in the field.

LED inspection lights – mobile helpers with strong light

LED accessories from OSRAM are highly practical, mobile, and energy-efficient light sources based on robust LED technology. The design comes with an enhanced grip and a handy, ergonomic shape. OSRAM LEDinspect for professionals and for personal use are an essential, whether for every DIY toolbox or workshops.

Have a closer look at OSRAM LED inspection lamps:

LED inspection lights for professionals LED inspection lights for personal use