LED/OLED rear light demonstrator at the light + building 2016

OSRAM at the ISAL 2017

Darmstadt, 25th–27th of September 2017

25.09.2017 | Events

Application: Automotive

Technology: OLED, µAFS, SMARTRIX

Target group: consumers, general public

OSRAM at the ISAL 2017

At the ISAL 2017 in Darmstadt (25th to 27th of September 2017), OSRAM will be showing the latest generation of car headlights. ISAL, the International Symposium for Automotive Lighting, is one of the most important and recognized symposia on automotive lighting worldwide. This year, new products and innovations will be presented directly from the stand and the show car - from single components to fully integrated solutions.

There is a lot to discover: OLED taillights, μAFS spotlight for glare-free light, SMARTRIX and μLARP are exhibited. We will briefly explain these innovations in our highlights.

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The OSRAM highlights at ISAL 2017:

Flexible OLEDs

Flexible OLED for vehicle lighting

At the ISAL, OSRAM presents OLED taillights, which are in series for the Audi TT RS and BMW M4 GTS. In both, the taillight and the brake light, OLEDs meet the requirements for road traffic, defined internationally in the standards of the so-called Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). OSRAM offers OLEDs with customer-specific designs: It is thus possible to subdivide the homogeneous luminous surface into dynamically controllable segments and, for example, to click on the remote control for the door lock to play a special light scene.

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SMARTRIX - Modular generator for LED matrix systems

One of the latest technologies is the SMARTRIX with adaptive high-light functionality: two SMARTRIX Gen 1-12 modules with 24 segments allow them to be individually displayed and hidden so that a remarkable ADB functionality can be achieved overall.

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Fliexible OLED

µAFS LED headlights

A further highlight is presented by OSRAM with this technology: μAFS LED spotlights contain three LED light sources each with 1,024 individually controllable light points (pixels). This allows the headlamp to be adapted very precisely to the traffic situation in order to ensure optimal lighting conditions at all times without, for example, dazzling other drivers.

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Fliexible OLED


Eine weitere Neuheit ist das µLARP. Der Name ist eine Abkürzung für ein miniaturisiertes laseraktiviertes Remote-Phosphor-Gerät mit aktivem Sicherheitssystem, das eine höhere Farbhomogänität und Leuchtintensität erreicht. Der intergriete Sicherheitssensor (SRS) schaltet das Gerät im Falle eines Konverterschadens automatisch ab. Das TIR-Objektiv ist für eine Fernlicht-Anwendung mit dem Ziel einer schlanken und kleinen optischen Blende und kleinstmögliche Baugröße konzipiert.

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