Osram entwickelt SMARTRIX-Module mit innovativen und langlebigen Silikonoptiken.

OSRAM presents innovative SMARTRIX modules

05.09.2017 | Products

Matrix light, also known as glare-free main beam, not only ensures greater road safety, but also allows greater scope for the design of headlights thanks to the small dimensions. To meet the demand of the automotive industry for even more compact intelligent headlights, OSRAM developed innovative SMARTRIX modules. "By using new materials for the lens systems, we were able to make the SMARTRIX modules even smaller and more durable," explains Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO of OSRAM.

Smaller modules enable new headlight designs

The standard plastic lenses, which have been used for matrix systems in recent years, were no longer able to withstand the need to get closer and closer to the light source. Therefore, OSRAM looked for a new material for the lenses and developed the so-called SMARTRIX modules. They are usually equipped with silicone lenses, which crystallized out as the best alternative to plastic. They score with properties such as temperature and radiation resistance as well as a long service life and are also less expensive than glass lenses. In addition, lens systems made of silicone can be installed directly on the LEDs, which means that the product is significantly smaller overall. Thus, headlamp designers have much more design freedom and can more easily realize the trend to flat, narrow headlights.

Matrix headlights ensure optimum visibility in the dark and poor weather conditions. The continuous, intelligently controlled light distribution ensures a high-precision illumination of the street and maximum light output without dazzling the oncoming traffic. In this case, a plurality of individually controllable LEDs are arranged to form a matrix (array) with a common optical system, wherein the LEDs can be controlled "pixel-wise". This allows the separate control and thus the targeted lighting on certain areas in road traffic.

SMARTRIX modules from the first generation of OSRAM will be on the road from autumn 2017 onwards. As a leading company in automotive lighting, OSRAM is already working on the next generation, which offers multi-line matrix functionality in a single module, which allows an even more compact design.