Innovative XLS product family revolutionizing the signal lamp market

05.06.2018 | Products

OSRAM is launching XLS (eXchangable LED Signal), standardized LED light sources for signal light applications in the automotive industry. By combining standardized light sources and LED technology they will fundamentally change the automotive signal lamp sector. For the first time, a uniform platform with four different light sources can cover all the important signal applications in vehicles. This allows simple replacements, reduces complexity and overall costs for car manufacturers and leads to faster development processes thanks to adapted standards.

The product portfolio

The reuse of design modules and the same platforms cuts down on the time, effort and costs of development. For car workshops and car owners a standardized solution means the light sources can be directly replaced in the event of a fault, which in turn means lower repair costs and greater road safety. Long-term availability of the lamps will encourage the establishment of the XLS product family.

The standardized XLS product family enables design cycles to be shorter and complexity to be reduced, making it a pioneer for the widespread penetration of LED technology in high-volume vehicle segments. OSRAM’s launch of LY5 and LW5 in yellow and white means that for the first time users (Tier1/OEMs) can equip vehicles with standardized exchangeable LED signal light sources in all signal applications. The first OSRAM XLS products are scheduled to appear on the roads from the fall of 2018.