Bend lighting headlamps for the first time with LED technology

Great opportunities for smart car lighting

Bend lighting headlamps

Modern LED technology has enabled a technological revolution in automotive lighting: headlamps with a bendable light source. The "around-the-corner-car lights" already have been installed in some of the luxury vehicles. Until recently, mechanical assemblies were required to move parts of the headlight or the complete headlight to achieve around the corner illumination. Such complex mechanical assemblies are a thing of the past. Thanks to LED technology, such Advanced Forward Lighting Systems (AFS) can be implemented much more simply

The future with LED: OSRAM Ostar Headlamp Pro

The high-tech division OSRAM Opto Semiconductors from Regensburg, Germany developed the new OSRAM Ostar Headlamp Pro., which is, for the first time, a specific LED component for this particular implementation.

The five chips of the new multi-chip LED can be individually-controlled, and thus, flexibly switched on or off according to the driving situations and positions of other road users.

Security for the car driver

Intelligent LED headlight systems give car drivers optimal vision even on the edge of roads or with approaching vehicles, offering better protection from possible accidents. Thanks to the five, individually-controllable chips, more than one road user can be concealed from view and the intermediate area is still completely illuminated.

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