SIRIUS HRI - Verify the authenticity of your product

Our goal is to consistently provide products of the highest quality and ensure maximum satisfaction for customers who choose to purchase original lamps. We meticulously monitor all aspects of our products' quality and performance because only an original product performs like an original. And you wouldn't settle for anything less, would you?

To determine if you have purchased a genuine SIRIUS HRI lamp, simply enter the unique 11-digit serial code.

You can find this code on the label located on the reflector of the lamp, for example, 4305K04LR4F.

Please note that only production codes of lamps manufactured after October 2016 can be verified.

  • If you can't read the code, please click on the image to generate a new code.

Light is trust - verify the authenticity of your product
Download (pdf): SIRIUS Trust Brochure (0.1 MB)


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