World of Light

Experiencing the radiance of light!

OSRAM is a high-tech lighting company. If you want to understand the fascination of light, you have to experience it. This is exactly what the new OSRAM World of Light enables you to do.

Brands & heritage

The span of time covered in the World of Light stretches from 1850 to today, starting with the origins of light production in the modern period and reaching into the future of technologies that OSRAM is exploring. One special focal point is 1906, the year in which the name “OSRAM” was registered as a trademark at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin.

The LightBox, OSRAM’s movie theater of light, offers visitors a really special experience. The technology used in the LightBox enables them to see and feel music: It is truly a highlight of their visit!

Products & solutions

The business units delve into a broad range of industry issues and present their solutions. DS, LS, OS, SP, EINSTONE, Fluxunit and Corporate Innovation showcase the highlights of their portfolios.

Our vision

We make more out of light than mere illumination. As part of this work, we use the virtually unlimited possibilities of light to improve the lives of people and societies. Learn how the high-tech company OSRAM helps bring digitalization to life with the broad range of solutions it has developed in the area of visible and invisible light.

Events & workshops

A number of activities like in-house trade fairs are held in the event area, which is also designed for major gatherings. A workshop area can be separated from the main section and used for smaller events.


The company's own coffee lounge is located in the entrance area. This is the perfect place to get in the mood for tours and workshops or to leisurely chat following a tour or an event.