OSRAM's light glasses create biological daylight
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What can CHRONOGY EYEWEAR do for you?


Light is essential, not only for vision but also for health, well-being and performance. Humans have evolved under the 24 hour cycles of day and night, and our organism needs the regular sequence of light and darkness to perform well and stay healthy. Latest scientific research helped us to understand better the different effects of light on humans and how to design artificial lighting in order to support our body while living a modern lifestyle.

CHRONOGY EYEWEAR are the most convenient light treatment glasses that seize the power of light whenever and wherever you need it. Benefit from personalized light treatment plans and support your health, well-being and performance. CHRONOGY EYEWEAR combines the latest scientific research and years of experience with the biological effects of light on humans.

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CHRONOGY is a mobile Human Centric Lighting solution.This term marks comprehensive lighting concepts that include not only the vision aspects of light but also today’s understanding of light effects on the human physiology and emotions. Such systems consider which light is needed at different times of the day and night and how the individual users can be supported correctly to perform at optimum while at the same time living healthier and more aligned with natural processes.

Why should I use it?

The amount, timing and quality of light during day and night have substantial impact on our performance and health. Daytime cognitive performance can be enhanced by activating effects of light, resulting in more concentration and alertness. And this effect doesn’t interfere with health and well-being. Especially the nighttime sleep benefits from better lighting conditions throughout the previous daytime hours. Better lighting conditions means earlier sleep onset times and improved deep sleep phases, newer scientific studies confirm.

What is the science behind?

The understanding of light effects on our organism has improved rapidly within the last decade. This is due to the recent discovery of special photoreceptor cells in the human eye that have nothing to do with vision but with controlling bodily functions like the day and night rhythm and making us awake and concentrated. This new scientific evidence and how it affects the daily life of people is now finding its way into recommendations for healthful behavior. As people in a modern society spend a lot of their time in indoor environments, these spaces should provide a lighting that serves all human needs with respect to vision and biology.

Most of the light environment, however, was designed before the latest findings established. To benefit most from non-visual effects of light, personalized mobile lighting tools can help to provide the organism with appropriate stimulation. The CHRONOGY eyewear has been designed to fully support human wellbeing, health and performance whenever natural daylight is not available.