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EINSTONE track & trace

Digitize your buildings and track your inventory!

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Because more and more of our working lives are being spent in large building complexes, the subject of indoor tracking is growing in importance. For asset tracking – the location of movable objects in buildings – OSRAM is presenting its EINSTONE Track & Trace solution.

Using a hospital as an example, Osram shows how medical equipment or beds can be tracked in real time on an analytics dashboard. In order to be able to track assets, miniature radio transmitters called “beacons” are integrated into the lighting infrastructure. These form a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network by means of which data can be transmitted and received.

The assets to be tracked are equipped with “asset beacons” that also send out signals via Bluetooth. This signal data is transmitted via the mesh network and passed on to a gateway. Analysis of the data allows the locations of the objects to be calculated and displayed on the user’s dashboard.

In addition to identifying asset locations, it’s also possible to create heat maps or analyses of tool utilization, and perform temperature monitoring for sensitive objects.

EINSTONE Track & Trace is suitable for use in sectors such as retail, logistics or healthcare, as well as for installation in smart buildings.

EINSTONE Track & Trace - Process Optimization and Efficiency Enhancements

1. The Asset Beacon is attached on a moveable object and sends signal.

2. An EINSTONE Beacon, integrated in the lighting infrastructure, receives the signal from the Asset Beacon.

3. Data is transferred via a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh to a gateway.

4. The gateway sends data to a secured cloud.

5. The data is displayed for easy review in a dashboard, e.g. current location, temperature, state, heat maps, statistics and analytics of utilization.


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