The future of retail

OSRAM at the EuroShop 2017

OSRAM shines a light on retail spaces and brings together customers and retailers for a new shopping experience

Design your store! Connect your store! Manage your store!

Lighting sets the scene, showcases products and creates specific incentives to buy. Join us on a journey into the future of retail: See how you can present products to sales-boosting effect. Look forward to lighting solutions that are both esthetic and efficient. Experience how easy it is to connect your lighting infrastructure to EINSTONE Beacon technology.

Make more of your offering and use lighting solutions that integrate seamlessly into the design of your sales rooms. Promote special offers and get to know your customers better with the help of Beacon technology.

beaconsmind and OSRAM EINSTONE

A glimpse into the future of retail

Profit from a smart and promotional integration of offline and online data. Watch the video!

Design freedom and lightness for retail

A pleasant and welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for your goods. Showcase your merchandize like actors on the red carpet, make them a star and steal the limelight by presenting them in the best light. This will give your customers a unique experience during their shopping spree.

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The spectrum of infinite possibilities

Turning the world a brighter place is what we have to offer. It is the ability that transforms rooms into cosy homes, buildings into spectacular landmarks and blindspots into save bets. From customized to standardized demands. From bright ideas to guiding lights.

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Connect your Store

OSRAM EINSTONE® combines Beacon technology with the lighting infrastructure to enable location based services.

With EINSTONE Smart Retail, our end-to-end solution for location based services in retail, you can:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Drive purchase motivation
  • Gain customer insights

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