Lights to say "Thank you" from around the world

This video is a collection of the most incredible lighting installations from all around the world, created by OSRAM and our partners on during the last weeks and months. We wanted to express our gratefulness for the workers who contributed to the relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enjoy this signs of hope, and togetherness collected in many countries in Europe, Asia, and America.

#UniteWithLight in Italy

See this collection of creative lighting put together by our Italien colleagues at Claypaky. They are country's flag created by using light in all its forms - contributed by lots of lighting professional, and enthusiasts

#UniteWithLight in Munich: hope, and togetherness

Under the hashtag #UniteWithLight we let Munich shine together and call on you to set a sign of commitment with light! The campaign is intended for the Munich helpers who are particularly affected by Covid-19 and have been doing their utmost for weeks.

If you like to participate in #UniteWithLight, or get more information, please drop us an email!

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