For safety reasons, we recommend you have the LIGHTIFY Pro system installed by a specialist.

You require a tablet PC to commission and control a LIGHTIFY Pro system. You can obtain the appropriate control / commissioning app, free of charge, from the App Store or in our LIGHTIFY Pro download area "Software & Updates".

Yes, the following should be observed from a technical point of view: The individual LIGHTIFY Pro products communicate with each other without wires. For fault-free operation, ensure that there are no obstacles (such as metallic objects, running machines) in direct proximity to or between the products.

If you experience problems, please check whether your LIGHTIFY Pro products are connected correctly and are switched on. If this is the case, please launch your LIGHTIFY Pro app on your tablet PC and launch the automatic registration operation of all system components. Please wait until the registration of all system components has been fully completed. All the components should now be displayed in the app. If this is not the case, then please start the automatic registration operation again.

Only when registration has been completed is it possible to select individual components via the app and change settings.

Yes, that is possible. Please launch the automatic registration operation on your LIGHTIFY Pro app, so that you can register your newly-purchased components in the system. When the registration operation has been completed, then the new devices should be displayed in the app.

You can in principle convert any luminaire to LIGHTIFY. Consult the product portfolio for information on LIGHTIFY Pro. Of course, you can also obtain advice directly from us. Get in touch with us here.

Yes, that is possible. To do that, you require the LIGHTIFY Plug, to which you connect the power supply of your luminaire, so that you have wireless control over the light using your LIGHTIFY app.

LIGHTIFY components offer the following conversion options:

  • LIGHTIFY Pro DSE à ZigBee to DALI
  • LIGHTIFY Pro SSE à ZigBee to Non-DIM (On/Off)

Yes, existing luminaires can be retrofitted with LIGHTIFY Pro. LIGHTIFY can be integrated into the power cable of the luminaire, without infringing the luminaire approval, providing that sufficient space is available.

No, LIGHTIFY Pro can be programmed using the Commissioning app on a tablet PC. For this reason, a remote control is no longer necessary.

Yes. The LIGHTIFY Pro (REST) Cloud interface description is available and already installed on the Pro Gateway (Update). Please also see the information on our API information website for Europe.

LIGHTIFY Pro Technical Support

Let us know about any technical request or question you might have. Our Service Team will be happy to help out!
Please use the according e-mail address for the Pro system:
LIGHTIFY Pro System -*
*Monday to Friday from 08:30 - 16:30