Summary of Changes to the OSRAM Mobile App "Lightify" Terms of Use

Below is a summary of the key changes to the OSRAM Mobile App terms of use for "Lightify". For a complete overview of the collection, processing and use of personal information by the Lightify app, please read the Terms of Use.

The following changes were made on 23.09.2019

Google Adsense was added to the application:

The Application may be used only together with OSRAM products (lamps and gateways) showing the “Lightify” logo on its original packaging (OSRAM Lightify Products) and suitable mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet-PC(s) procured and operated by you. In case you are not sure which and how many OSRAM Products are suitable or designated for the Application or which mobile device is suitable for the Application, please contact the closest retailer offering OSRAM Lightify Products for sale or see under

Certain components of the Application are subject to open source license terms. They are identified, together with their respective copyright notices and applicable license text, in a separate open source readme file contained herein and can be downloaded from In addition, the application uses Google AdSense, the terms of use which are also part of the application can be found at