OSRAM Procure to Pay via SAPAriba

OSRAM Procurement via SAPAriba

OSRAM uses SAP Ariba solution for its purchasing and invoicing processes. Purchase orders for indirect materials & services are sent electronically via the Ariba Network. As an OSRAM supplier for indirect material & services you will therefore be asked to collaborate via Ariba Network for Purchase Orders, Order Confirmation, Ship Notice and Invoice handling.

SAPAriba is one of the leading cloud-based procurement platforms.


  • Focus on "indirect materials", i.e. equipment, services and non-production materials
  • Internal and external networking and facilitation of the collaboration​
  • Automate a lot of previously manual process components of requisition, incl. goods receipts and invoicing
  • Various companies can build a global network of partner for business transactions.
  • Reduced system complexity through one agile & scalable platform ​
  • Improved P2P process by increased automation & enhanced data quality​
  • Simplified cooperation through real-time information & data exchange​
  • Standardization: Integration of goods and services in catalogues ​
  • Streamlined customer procurement process, unified company-wide, on a single platform

We will be processing procure to pay related transactions (order processes and invoices) electronically via the Ariba Network for all Indirect Material and Services. ​In order to exchange documents with OSRAM, (order confirmation, ship notices and invoices), you will need an Ariba Network Account.​

Regardless which account type you will choose for your company, we would ask you for this preparation:​

  • Add the mail ordersender-prod@ansmtp.ariba.com to your mail list, so that it is ensured that orders sent to you via SAPAriba will be accepted by your mail system​.
  • Latest with the first order sent to you via SAP Ariba you will also be asked to create an Account on SAPAriba Network.​
  • You can already create a free-of-charge Standard Account here
  • As soon as you received the first Purchase Order via SAP Ariba, you are required to also hand in your Invoice via SAPAriba.

Depending on the revenue and transaction volume with OSRAM and your preferred technical connection level, you can choose between 2 account types

  1. Standard Account - you can register here free of charge
  2. Enterprise Account - best choice if you fulfil one ore more of the listed aspects:
    • Electronic catalogues in place​
    • EDI connection​
    • High number of documents to exchange with OSRAM (PO and Invoice) ​

Please contact SAPAriba-supplier-enablement@osram.com to start your individual Enterprise Account onboarding.​

You can check if your company already has an Ariba account  here.

Find a detailed how to guide on account creation below

Ariba Account Registration

You have created an Ariba Network account and want to learn how to set it up and adjust it to your needs

We have created a short „How to guide“ for your convenience

Please send your Ariba network ID to: SAPAriba-supplier-enablement@osram.com
We will then follow up with you individually.

If you are facing difficulties login to your Ariba Network account, please try with another browser.

In case of continued failure, please reach out directly to Ariba help center

Find a good overview and short videos on all core functions here.

You already are an OSRAM supplier and received a SAPAriba PO from OSRAM? Learn here how to register and reply to us in a 4 minute video training:




In addition you find a short how to guide for your convenience

Order Confirmation

You received a SAPAriba PO from OSRAM and want to learn how to hand in the invoice via SAPAriba Network?

Learn here how to do so in a 4 minute video training:




In addition you find a short how to guide for your convenience - standard invoicing Standard account invoicing MY (EN)