Munich, 17th July 2018

Together with new and existing suppliers we would like to have an exchange on innovative SMART SENSING solutions.

Category 1: Future automotive solutions

Advanced smart sensing solutions are required to cope with new or increasing requirements resulting from trends in the automotive sector, both in the car and integrated into the road infrastructure.

Exemplary use cases:
We are looking for sensor technologies and/or software/algorithms for signal processing and data analysis that help us solve the following use cases:

  • Object / obstacle detection for (self-driving) cars
  • Critical incident detection and prognosis
  • Traffic monitoring integrated in road infrastructure
  • Driver condition monitoring
  • Activity monitoring of passengers
  • Monitoring of road conditions, such as fog, ice, water, etc. ahead of the car.
  • Visibility measurement, such as detection of fogged windscreen, or fog or smog conditions ahead of the car with long range
  • Air quality monitoring, such as NOx or dust level

Of course we don't limit ourselves and are open for additional proposals from your side...

Please submit your proposal here!

OSRAM, World of Light, Marcel-Breuer-Str. 6, Munich, Germany
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