Munich, 17th July 2018

Together with new and existing suppliers we would like to have an exchange on innovative SMART SENSING solutions.

Category 2: Object detection, tracking and analytics

OSRAM sees huge potential to improve productivity in retail, office and industry by detection, real-time localization and tracking of different kinds of objects and assets.

Exemplary use cases:
We are looking for sensor technologies and/or software/algorithms for signal processing and data analysis that help us solve the following use cases:

  • Asset tracking in industrial or, e.g., hospital environments, especially on high value assets
  • Localization of workpiece carriers or pallets within an industrial environment or warehousing
  • Detection and recognition of picked goods from shelves in retail, e.g., for cashier-less payments

Of course we don't limit ourselves and are open for additional proposals from your side...

Please submit your proposal here!

OSRAM, World of Light, Marcel-Breuer-Str. 6, Munich, Germany
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