Munich, 17th July 2018

Together with new and existing suppliers we would like to have an exchange on innovative SMART SENSING solutions.

You are invited to apply for OSRAM’s first global Supplier-Enabled Innovation Day 2018 (“”). The takes place in OSRAM’s show room „World of Light“ on 17th July 2018. Please find all details and how to apply for the event below.

REINVENTING LIGHT has resulted in the NEW OSRAM. At Light+Building in Frankfurt we showcased how light will become digital and enable many use cases and solutions for customers in retail, industry, office and automotive.

Data is the fuel for future solutions and services and most of those data are captured by sensors. Many smart applications based on the right sensor hardware combined with the right firm- and software, i.e. “SMART SENSING”, will benefit from strategic advantages that lighting can offer:

  • LIGHT is everywhere - from a garage to a high-tech fab, from a street lamp to a car headlight
  • LIGHT is located in an optimal spot to capture data – on the ceiling, on the street, at the front and back of the car
  • LIGHT provides infrastructure – electricity and sometimes even connectivity

We believe that the huge variety of use cases and speed of digitalization can only be tackled successfully by teaming up! This thinking has led to the initiative to inspire each other and co-create with our suppliers and partners.

Register for our idea campaign! In this campaign, you are invited to propose your idea(s) or technology to us. The best proposals will be invited to join the!

Our easy to use idea submission form will be available until June 1st for your submission. Click here to register!

The is a platform to existing and potential suppliers and partners to:

  • Get to know the NEW OSRAM and explore opportunities for joint growth
  • Inspire us by pitching your ideas or discussing your technologies with our experts
  • Mingle & network with our experts and management as well as other suppliers and partners

We offer three different formats to provide the best possible platform for your input:

  • Expert Sessions: Exchange with our experts about the potential of your technology proposal
    Focus: Technologies that may become a relevant backbone to enable one or several of our SMART SENSING use cases
    Format: 30mins presentation & 15mins Q&As, OSRAM audience only
  • Innovation Pitches: Attract OSRAM to collaborate with you based on your company profile and technology idea(s), or – even better – inspire us beyond what we know today!
    Focus: Quick introduction of an innovative idea that can help us to solve one or more of our challenges
    Format: 10min presentation, 5mins Q&A, open audience
  • Mingle-ups: We offer several mingle-up sessions spread over the day. These sessions allow us to get to know each other and start discussions in a relaxed environment.

In addition keynote speeches provided by our top management (CTO, CPO, SVP Innovation) and external speaker(s) will complement the event and provide further insights into the NEW OSRAM, upcoming trends and future OSRAM demands.

As host of the we want to provide to you a fair and open environment for on-site discussions with our innovation and technology community. Refer to our Terms & Conditions below, to learn more about our approach regarding sensitive information!

Let us engage in fruitful and inspiring conversations on 17th July 2018!

If you wish to participate in the, you can qualify for the event only by submitting proposals for your innovation pitch(es) or expert session(s). Our submission platform is open until June 1st.

The motto of the event is SMART SENSING:
Smart sensors help us to capture and understand the surroundings of our light sources - be it offices, retail stores, factories, streets - in order to offer new solutions and services around and beyond lighting. Therefore, we look both for hard- and software solutions, as well as algorithms, sensor fusion solutions, etc. that help us solve challenges we see in our daily business today or anticipate in the future.

We are most interested in ideas from any of the following five categories:

OSRAM will select the best proposals and will invite an exclusive round of suppliers to participate in the – all participants will be informed about their participation no later than 4 weeks prior to the event.

To submit your proposal, please register for the idea campaign on our idea submission platform and submit your proposal through our easy-to-use submission form: Click here to apply to the!

For further questions, we would kindly refer you to the FAQ section or contact us at!

1. What is the at OSRAM?

The is an OSRAM in-house event for existing and potential new partners. The offers three different formats to present your company, to build your network and to engage with the OSRAM innovation & technology community: expert sessions, innovation pitches (see also FAQs 12 and 13) and mingle-ups. In addition keynote speeches provided by our top management (CTO, CPO, SVP Innovation) and external speaker(s) will complement the event and provide further insights into the NEW OSRAM, upcoming trends and future OSRAM demands.
Suppliers, who wish to participate in the can qualify for the event by submitting one or more proposals for their expert session and/or innovation pitch during the application phase- Proposals can be submitted until June 1st. OSRAM will select the most promising proposals and will invite an exclusive round of suppliers to participate in the

2. What the is NOT?
The is not supposed to be a sales event! It is rather an event to promote future business opportunities and ideas than a sales event for your current portfolio. Hence, the proposals, innovation pitches and expert sessions should not include commercial terms.

3. When will the take place and what is the timeline for the event?

  • From now until June 1st 2018: Application Phase
  • June 2nd 2018 - June 15th 2018: Review of proposals & nomination of participants
  • July 17th 2018: 2018

4. Why should I participate in the
The gives you a unique opportunity to show your commitment as an existing business partner for OSRAM or to present your company as a new business partner for OSRAM. During the event you will have the chance to present your innovative edge and technological capabilities to leading experts and engineers from different disciplines at the global headquarter of OSRAM. You may further use the event for networking not only with OSRAM people from various functions, but also other suppliers and partners of OSRAM. Exchange about the upcoming trends in business and identify opportunities to engage with suppliers from other areas to enhance your long-term business impact! Last, but not least, the event is designed to give you the freedom to explore and develop “outside-the-box” ideas without committing to an immediate business schedule.

5. Who is invited to the application phase for the
The application is open for existing suppliers as well as for potential new partners of OSRAM on invitation basis only. From all submissions, an expert committee will pick the most relevant proposals and nominate the suppliers that are entitled to participate in the

6. Why should I participate in the application phase?
Only companies that submit an interesting and innovative proposal for an expert session or innovation pitch will have the chance to be selected as a participant for the

7. What kind of proposal am I supposed to submit? Is there any guiding topic or focus area?
You are supposed to propose a topic that you would like to present and talk about during your expert session and/or innovation pitch. Since this is a technology event, we will accept technology solutions only.
As this event is about SMART SENSING, we are most interested in proposals and ideas from any of the following five categories (but we are also open to other innovative proposals that fit to our motto!):

  • Future automotive solutions
  • People detection, tracking & analytics
  • Object detection, tracking & analytics
  • Ambient condition monitoring
  • Smart Farming

Hence, it is up to you to convince us that you have something meaningful to contribute to this event.

8. How can I submit proposals for the does the application process work?
We use an online tool for the submission of your proposals. The tool will be open for submissions until June 1st.
In order to submit your proposal, you need to provide your name, e-mail address and company name. You can also upload supporting documentation (e.g. pictures, drawings, etc.) to visualize your proposal. If you have any problem with the submission, please contact us at

9. Who will be nominated to join the on-site?
Out of all submissions an expert committee will select the most relevant proposals and nominate the suppliers that are entitled to participate in the

10. What are the general rules of the event that need to be adhered to?

  • We are not hosting a sales/commercial show. We expect that you are contributing technical content and not a sales pitch.
  • Either giving an expert speech or an innovation pitch is mandatory for nominated suppliers
  • Max. 2 delegates per supplier
  • Dress code: smart casual

11. What are the nominees expected to prepare for the
Your speech/presentation for the expert session or innovation pitch. The presentation should contain non-confidential information only. Please note that all presentations need to be submitted two weeks prior to the event to allow checking of this condition.

12. Who will join the “expert sessions” during the
Expert sessions will be open to selected OSRAM experts only and to the supplier presenting its topic. The expert sessions will not be open to other suppliers. An expert session is limited to a 30min presentation and 15min Q&As (45mins in total).

13. Who will join the “innovation pitches” during the
Innovation pitches will be open to all participants of the This includes OSRAM experts as well as other suppliers and partners. A solution pitch is limited to a 10min presentation & 5mins Q&As following the presentation.

14. What material/equipment will be available for the expert sessions and solution pitches?
Standard presentation equipment will be available such as: laptop, projector, pointer, flipcharts, microphone, etc.

15. Can OSRAM support the booking of hotel rooms for the event?
Yes, we will secure a limited contingent of hotel rooms for the event. All delegates will be informed about booking details during the nomination procedure. Travel and accommodation costs need to be born by the participants.

Click here to download the OSRAM Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for your company's participation:

1. Purpose:
The following OSRAM Supplier-Enabled Innovation Day (“”) Terms & Conditions are intended to create a fair and open environment for the hosted by OSRAM GmbH, in which your company (“Company”), OSRAM GmbH and other OSRAM group companies (together “OSRAM”) can speak face to face and explore new areas of collaboration. To achieve this, the provides your Company with three different formats to present your Company’s capabilities:

  • Expert sessions, where your Company can present its ideas by way of a speech or presentation and speak with selected OSRAM-internal experts (“Expert Sessions”, see item 4 below); the Expert Sessions will not be open to other participants of the;
  • Innovation pitches, where your Company can give a quick overview of its innovative applications, products, prototypes or solutions (“Innovation Pitches”, see item 5 below). The Innovation Pitches will be open for other participants of the to attend; and
  • Mingle-ups, where participants of the can meet to informally network and exchange ideas (“Mingle-Ups”, see item 5 below). The Mingle Ups will be open for other participants of the to attend.

2. Application and selection process:
Your Company has been invited to apply for the Topics and use cases are published on the OSRAM webpage for your review. If one (or more) of these sparks your Company’s interest, you can submit, on behalf of your Company, one or several proposals for an Expert Session or for an Innovation Pitch through the online tool. OSRAM will review the proposal(s) and then select the participants of the

3. Non-confidential nature of
To encourage open talks between your Company and the OSRAM technology community during the and to avoid issues of contamination by confidentiality obligations, OSRAM, as a general rule, considers all information shared in preparation of and during the to be non-confidential. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, your Company confirms that all communication in connection with and during the SEI day, in particular (a) the proposal, your Company is submitting, (b) any communication by your Company relating to its proposal, (c) the speech or presentation your Company is giving at an Expert Session, (d) the Innovation Pitch your Company is giving and (e) conversations of your Company’s delegates with OSRAM employees at the, do not contain confidential information of your Company or any other company.
Your Company agrees that your Company, unless specifically agreed otherwise, will not raise any claim against OSRAM or its customers alleging that any current or future OSRAM product incorporates (a) information or technologies exhibited or discussed during the or (b) any intellectual property rights protecting such information or technologies.

4. Proposal, speech and conversations during Expert Session:
As set out above, OSRAM, as a general rule, considers all information shared in preparation of and during an Expert Session to be non-confidential.
If your Company considers it inevitable to rely on specific sensitive information (“Sensitive Information”) in its speech or presentation during an Expert Session, please include a high-level, non-confidential description of Sensitive Information into your Company's proposal. OSRAM will review the proposal and provide feedback as to whether such Sensitive Information should be included in the presentation or not. If OSRAM agrees to the inclusion of Sensitive Information, please specifically identify and clearly mark the Sensitive Information. OSRAM may not pass on such Sensitive Information to any third party, whether directly or through one or more intermediaries.
Regarding information other than Sensitive Information accepted by OSRAM, specifically identified and clearly marked Sensitive Information (“Non-Sensitive Information”), Section 3 (above) applies.

5. Innovation Pitches and Mingle-Ups:
Your Company acknowledges that the Innovation Pitches and the Mingle-Ups are open for other participants of the In consequence, any information your Company shares during the Innovation Pitches or the Mingle-Ups can become public knowledge and OSRAM considers any such information to be non-confidential (Section 3 (above)).

6. OSRAM information:
All information that is provided by OSRAM or OSRAM employees to your Company at or in the course of the is for the purpose of evaluating your Company’s potential business opportunities with OSRAM only and may not be passed on to any third party for any purpose.

7. New inventions:
In the unlikely event that your Company (together with OSRAM employees or any other participant of the besides your Company) develop new inventions at or in the course of the, your Company hereby grants OSRAM and its customers a license to use such inventions in or in connection with OSRAM products.

8. Antitrust law compliance:
Please also note that some of the other participants of the may be considered as your Company’s competitors. We expect strict antitrust law compliance.

9. Liability & insurance:
OSRAM is – except for cases of intent or gross negligence of OSRAM, its legal representatives or assistants in performance (Erfüllungsgehilfen) – not responsible for any loss or damage sustained by your Company or a Company delegate at or in the course of the Any liability for damage from injury to life, body or health due to intentional or negligent breach of duty by OSRAM, its legal representatives or assistants in performance (Erfüllungsgehilfen) according to statutory law remains unaffected. No responsibility can be accepted by OSRAM for any consequences arising from postponement or abandonment of the Your Company should take out its own insurance to cover all liabilities and risks.

10. Costs:
Your Company will bear its costs for its delegates’ travel, accommodation, exhibits etc.

11. Data protection:
Your Company acknowledges that OSRAM will be entitled to use the Company and Company’s delegates’ details in accordance with the Privacy Notes for OSRAM Supplier Enabled Innovation Platform.

Click here to download the OSRAM Terms & Conditions

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