Digital Lighting Systems
Digital Lighting Systems

Digital Lighting Systems

We enable our customers to deliver Smart Building and IoT projects with our digital lighting components, software and systems.

Easy-to-use light management with Bluetooth interface for smart-phone control

OSRAM provides the right easy plug and play Bluetooth solution, depending on your project requirements:

  • DALI ACU BT: Thanks to its high flexibility the DALI ACU BT can be installed either directly in the luminaire or in a flush-mounted box behind a conventional pushbutton
  • DALIeco BT: DALI bluetooth light control unit for luminaire or ceiling integration - quick installation and comfortable configuration via smartphone
  • OT BLE DIM: Intuitive cable-free dynamic lighting control via the new LED dimmer in one simple CASAMBI based system
  • LUXeye: Intelligent sensor with smartphone connection
Find out more about our light management solutions with Bluetooth interfaces

App control is revolutionizing commercial lighting

An interview with Norbert Fuchs, Product Manager for LUXeye and Ursula Krüger, Product Manager for DALI ACU BT

What impact has digitalization had on lighting solutions and how do you interpret the potential of app-controlled lighting?

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Our system solution highlights for retail

PrevaLED Core G7 3000 930 in system combination with OT FIT CS

Retail applications with compact light systems in scenographic perfection creates customer`s ultimate shopping experience. Sharp beams and small form factors with exceptional light quality: Spotlight modules PrevaLED Core G7 with OPTOTRONIC LED driver families OT FIT LT2 S and OT FIT CS G2 for an optimal OSRAM system solution.

LINEARlight Flex in system combination with OPTOTRONIC OT BLE DIM – Bluetooth Control

Flexible OSRAM shop lighting systems set the right stage for products, guide customers through stores and gently convey brand images by means of the mobile app controlling the OT BLE DIM light management system.

Get inspired by our case studies for flexible lighting and system solutions

  • High savings potential thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology and intelligent control
  • Playing with color, structuring rooms with light strips, gracefully highlighting architectural forms
  • Lighting concepts for the modern working world
  • Sophisticated luminaire design
  • and many more ideas for inspiration

Flex Configurator

Achieve your ideal FLEX lighting solution

Our configuration tool supports you step by step

Use our flex configurator now


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