Digital Systems
Digital Systems

Digital Systems

We enable our customers to deliver Smart Building and IoT projects with our digital lighting components, software and systems.

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Light is a smart network

Digital infrastructure with DEXAL

Digitalization is making giant strides. With DEXAL, OSRAM has developed a future-proof interface that will be of great help in making lighting play an important role in digitalization. LED drivers with DEXAL interface lay the foundation for a digital ceiling that connects luminaires with integrated sensors and RF modules to set-up a close-meshed, radio-based network.

Read here how LED drivers with DEXAL interface lay the foundation for a digital ceiling


Touch the Sky! Bath your rooms in bright diffused light by designing sky-like light ceilings easily.

Achieve stimulating working areas with the BackLED TW Plus G2 modules, our range of premium drivers and dimmers and design the right human centric lighting solution for your customer’s needs.

PrevaLED Linear G4-P in system combination with OPTOTRONIC Intelligent – DEXAL non-SELV

LED drivers with DEXAL interface are the center piece of a digital ceiling. DEXAL supplies RF modules and sensors with power and enables the bi directional data exchange within the luminaire.

Online Webinar

Tunable White Systems (OT & LE & LMS)

28-05-2019, 14:00 CET

In this Webinar you will learn how OSRAM can support you with the right components (LED modules, LED driver and Light Management) to create HCL and TW lighting systems. You will learn about the difference between TW and HCL as well as learn about benefits of these concepts. Also how easy it is to design the components in, program the system, set it up in the field and enable the end customer to use it in an easily understandable way.

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