Digital Systems
Digital Systems

Digital Systems

We enable our customers to deliver Smart Building and IoT projects with our digital lighting components, software and systems.

Light and Building 2020 postponed to September – at OSRAM you can explore the infinite possibilities TODAY

With our high performance system approach of LEDs, software, drivers, modules, customization and service, start to explore your infinite possibilities

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In light of the postponed Light + Building we introduced our latest product innovations in this comprehensive webinar

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Light is a smart network

Digital infrastructure with DEXAL

Digitalization is making giant strides. With DEXAL, OSRAM has developed a future-proof interface that will be of great help in making lighting play an important role in digitalization. LED drivers with DEXAL interface lay the foundation for a digital ceiling that connects luminaires with integrated sensors and RF modules to set-up a close-meshed, radio-based network.

Read here how LED drivers with DEXAL interface lay the foundation for a digital ceiling Read here how the DEXAL interface open up new opportunities for cities and municipalities

HubSense: The easy way of making office lighting intelligent

Digital lighting not only changes the way we illuminate rooms.

Above all, it also changes the way we use space more efficiently. It is about much more than just sustainability, energy efficiency and lighting comfort. Today, lighting should be flexible to react quickly to changes, intelligent lighting control should maximize savings and, of course, the lighting system should be easily expandable. All this without further wiring or structural changes. There is still a lot of untapped potential slumbering in offices, especially in existing buildings. Until now.

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Touch the Sky! Bath your rooms in bright diffused light by designing sky-like light ceilings easily.

Achieve stimulating working areas with the BackLED TW Plus G2 modules, our range of premium drivers and dimmers and design the right human centric lighting solution for your customer’s needs.

Smart illumination of shops and offices and relaxed ambience in restaurants or hotels

Thanks to their classic form factors, PrevaLED COINs are the future-proof upgrade for conventional MR16 and AR111 luminaires and with DIM to Warm warm white LED light is not only dimmed in its brightness but also the light color becomes warmer and more pleasant. Combined with OTi DALI NFC LED drivers, these LED modules can be conveniently integrated into light management systems.




VISN by OSRAM – The new Smart Workspace Management

VISN by OSRAM is the new Smart Workspace Management solution for office buildings. VISN improves its customers’ business outcome by an optimizing workspace utilization and by increasing employee satisfaction and efficiency.

VISN enables companies to reduce rent expenses and save energy by adjusting lighting, cleaning, heating to real-life demand. The VISN technology ensures 100% data protection through anonymous infrared sensor data and BLE indoor positioning.

VISN has won multiple awards highlighting the success and high recognition of the company. Amongst others it was named “Top IoT Innovator” at the Innovation World Cup and was amongst the winners at the German Digital Award in the category “Digital Transformation – Innovation”.

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