Light management made easy

DALI PCU – comfortable and cost-efficient dimming with a control unit for standard pushbuttons

The DALI PCU is a compact control unit for manual dimming and switching of DALI luminaires. It is combinable with all common pushbutton plates. In addition to lighting in hospitality applications or private living areas, luminaires in conference and training rooms can also be controlled easily and efficiently.

The DALI PCU is mounted in standard flush boxes and connected to the mains. A DALI PCU can control up to 25 luminaires, up to 4 units can be connected in parallel and will synchronize automatically. This allows the realization of projects with up to 4 control points and up to 100 luminaires.

The control unit is suitable for rooms with separation walls and can be combined with standard motion or presence detectors for further energy savings. This makes the DALI PCU an easy and cost-efficient entrance path into efficient and modern light management solutions.


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The installation of the DALI PCU is an easy as it gets:

Step 1:

Connect the DALI PCU to the mains and DALI wires.

Step 2:

Place the DALI PCU into the flush box.

Step 3:

Connect the DALI PCU to the pushbutton.

Step 4:

Mount the cover of the pushbutton.