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Autumn News – HubSense QBM and even more to discover

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New HubSense sensors: QBM 220-240 LS/PD CI and QBM 220-240 LS/PD HB CI

OSRAM is now introducing two new sensors, both of which are fully compatible with QBM technology and therefore perfect for integration into HubSense system installations. 
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Easy to install, ready for the future: HubSense QBM pushbutton coupler

After the conversion of the existing lighting control system to HubSense, the original cables from the conventional pushbuttons to the new HubSense luminaires no longer have any control function. This is where the mains-powered HubSense Qualified Bluetooth Mesh pushbutton coupler (QBM PB coupler) from OSRAM comes into play.
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Case Study: Office lighting – Vaudoise Assurances, Winterthur, Switzerland

Modernization made easy. HubSense allows cost effecitve upgrade of T8 lighting technology.
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Now even more powerful and versatile – OT FIT 12V P (CV)

Due to their particular dimensions, the new OT FIT 12V P (CV) LED drivers fit almost anywhere without being particularly noticeable. For example, they can also be used within indoor stretch ceilings. 
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Efficient industrial LED linear driver for low wattages

OTi DALI 75 D NFC IND L: The latest addition to the product family opens up new applications.
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Even better preconditions for TW and HCL applications: OTi DALI 35/75 Linear SELV and PrevaLED Linear TW G2

Based on premium quality, versatility and reliability, the systems we offered so far already enabled Human Centric Lighting solutions. But now we are even extending this huge range of capabilities – with cutting-edge solutions for SELV applications, plus the second generation of our linear LED modules.
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Light quiz – What is color fading and can it be prevented?

Colorful garments or full-color printed items tend to fade when exposed to sunlight. The color pigments absorb solar radiation during this process. Unfortunately, the energy of the sun is not only converted into heat, but also into chemical energy, stimulating chemical reactions between the dye molecules and substances in the surrounding air. This destroys the dyes and the garment or paper looks faded.

Question: What is the best way to avoid color fading of garments and printed items exposed to sunlight over long periods of time?
a) Using polymeric additives which filter sunlight
b) Coating with UV-absorbing films
c) Vaporizing with a light-deflecting molecule layer
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We have prepared a NEW overview for you to check out ALL our services and Support possibilities from Digital Systems to easily find, select or order DS products and solutions.
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