OPTOTRONIC Intelligent

This constant current LED driver is suitable for emergency lighting systems according to IEC 61347-2-13, appendix J, and for use in luminaires of protection classes I and II. Use it with luminaires of flexible current setting (DALI, CLO, LEDset) and for downlights, spotlights and LED panels — some versions can be installed and/or independently mounted using the matching cable clamp kit. OSRAM’s use of DALI technology makes this power supply great in various settings; the 3-level corridor function makes it useful for corridors and restrooms, and its easy-to-control TouchDIM functionality is also energy efficient, with automatic switch-off in sufficient residual light. This versatile DALI driver gives you flexible output characteristics, system protection via thermal management and Smart Control, and quality dimming between 1 and 100 % thanks to amplitude dimming (OTi DALI 15).

OPTOTRONIC Intelligent

Product features
  • Line frequency: 0 Hz | 50 Hz | 60 Hz
  • Versatile DALI window driver up to 90 W due to flexible output characteristic
  • Supply voltage: 220…240 V
  • Available with output current range: up to 2,100 mA
  • Constant Lumen Output (CLO)
  • Integrated customizable thermal management (Driver Guard)
  • SELV and non-isolated versions available
  • DALI-2 certified (Part -101,-102 and -207)
Product benefits
  • Fully programmable via software (DALI Interface)
  • Flexible current setting (LEDset2)
  • Lifetime: up to 100,000 h (temperature at Tc = 65 °C, max. 10 % failure rate)
  • High-quality dimming of 1…100 % by amplitude dimming (except 80 W versions)
  • High quality of light thanks to <1% output ripple current
  • Very high efficiency
  • Very low standby power consumption: < 0.15 W (SELV)*, < 0.25 W (non-isolated)
  • Fulfill safety requirement due to overload, overtemperature, Hot Plug protection
Versatile scope of application due to OSRAM DALI Technology:
  • Easy to use in corridors and restrooms because of three-level Corridor function
  • Touch DIM application: easy to control via pushbutton or sensor
  • Energy efficient Touch DIM operation due to automatic switch-off at sufficient residual light
  • Suitable for emergency Installations (acc. to EN 60598-2-22 and IEC 61347-2-13, appendix J) thanks to DC detection (0 Hz, pulsating DC), on/off switchable
  • Feedback of power consumption and operating hours (Fit for SMART GRID)
  • Suitable for buildings according to EPBD/BREEAM/LEED due to automatic Constant Lumen Output setting
  • Luminaire information for easy maintenance
Areas of application
  • Linear lighting for office, education, industry, storage areas and retail
  • Installation in emergency lighting systems according to IEC 61347-2-13, appendix J
  • Suitable for luminaires of protection class I
Family datasheet

Electrical data

Nominal input voltage 220…240 V
Mains frequency 50…60 Hz
Input voltage AC 198…264 V

Permitted voltage range

Input voltage DC 176…276 V
Current set DALI / LEDset / Programmable
Total harmonic distortion < 11 %
Power factor λ > 0.95

Full load at 230 V

ECG efficiency ≧90 %

At full load and 230 V

Device power loss 4.4 W


Power loss in stand-by mode <0.5 W
Protective conductor current <2.0 mA
Inrush current 32 A

twidth = 100 µs (measured at 50 % Ipeak)

Max. ECG no. on circuit breaker 10 A (B) 18
Max. ECG no. on circuit breaker 16 A (B) 30
Max. ECG no. on circuit breaker 25 A (B) -
Surge capability (L/N-Ground) 2 kV
Surge capability (L-N) 1 kV
Nominal output voltage 20…54 V

Maximum 60 V

U-OUT (working voltage) 60 V
Nominal output current 200…700 mA


Output current tolerance ±2 %
Output ripple current (100 Hz) < 1 %
Nominal output power 35 W
Galvanic isolation SELV

Dimensions & weight

Length 360.0 mm
Width 30.0 mm
Height 21.0 mm
Mounting hole spacing, length 350.0 mm
Product weight 275.00 g
Cable cross-section, input side 0.5…1.5 mm²

Solid or flexible leads

Cable cross-section, output side 0.5…1.5 mm²

Solid or flexible leads

Wire preparation length, input side 8.5…9.5 mm
Wire preparation length, output side 8.5…9.5 mm

Colors & materials

Casing material Metal

Temperatures & operating conditions

Ambient temperature range -25…+60 °C
Maximum temperature at tc test point 75 °C
Max.housing temperature in case of fault 110 °C
Permitted rel. humidity during operation 5…85 %

Maximum 56 days/year at 85 %


ECG lifetime 50000 h

At maximum Tc = 75°C / 10% failure rate

Additional product data

Encapsulated No


Programming interface DALI
Dimmable Yes
Dimming interface DALI / Touch DIM / Touch DIM Sensor
Dimming range 1…100 %

For maximum nominal output current

Dimming method Amplitude Modulation / Pulse Width Modulation
Constant lumen function Programmable
Overheating protection Automatic reversible
Overload protection Automatic reversible
Short-circuit protection Automatic reversible
No-load proof Yes
Max. cable length to lamp/LED module 2.0 m
Suitable for fixtures with prot. class I
Suitable for emergency lighting Yes
Type of connection, output side Push terminal

Programmable features

Operating Current Yes
Tuning Factor Yes
Constant Lumen Yes
Lamp Operating Time Yes
Thermal Protection No
Driver Guard Yes
DALI Settings Yes
Emergency Mode Yes
Luminaire Info Yes
Soft Switch Off Yes
Dim to Dark Yes
TouchDIM + Sensor Yes
Corridor Functionality Yes

Certificates & standards

Approval marks – approval ENEC 10 / VDE / EMC / EL / CE
Standards Acc. to EN 61347-1/Acc. to EN 61347-2-13/Acc. to EN 55015/Acc. to EN 61547/Acc. to EN 61000-3-2/Acc. to EN 62384
Type of protection IP20

Logistical data

Temperature range at storage -25…75 °C






4052899245389 UNV
4052899245396 VS
385mm x 160mm x 100mm 5771.00g 6.16dm³