PrevaLED Core Z6 Mini

Do not be misled by the exceptionally small size of the PrevaLED Core Z6 Mini; there is plenty of power and functionality to be found here. The very small light emitting surface (LES) of this compact unit enables lighting designers, manufacturers and planners to create innovative and flexible installations using very small reflectors and sharp beams, all with the high-quality light that you would expect from larger sized units. The PrevaLED Core Z6 Mini is highly versatile, comes in a wide range of flux and color temperatures, is compatible with many Zhaga Book 11 accessories and easily integrated into cost-effective, intelligent systems. It is great for decorative and functional installations in settings such as hospitality — it works well as bar lighting, in restaurants and hotels — retail and in public and commercial buildings. It makes a great system solution when used alongside compatible compact items from the OSRAM range. It is efficient too; quick to cool and with a high maximum operating temperature, and very easy to maintain. If you want to create innovative lighting installations using very compact spotlights, but without compromise on light quality, the PrevaLED Core Z6 Mini may well be your ideal solution.

PrevaLED Core Z6 Mini

Product benefits
  • Easy integration thanks to very compact form factor
  • Compatible with many Zhaga Book 11 accessories
  • Easy cooling due to optimized efficiency and high maximum operation temperature
  • High driver flexibility allows cost-effective and intelligent systems
  • 5 year guarantee
Areas of application
  • Spotlighting in shops and retail
  • Down- and wall lighting in offices, corridors, meeting rooms, workplaces
  • Decorative and functional lighting in hospitality, hotels, restaurants
  • Functional lighting in public and commercial buildings
Product features
  • Complete portfolio with varying luminous flux, color temperature, color rendering
  • Available with color temperature: 2,700 K, 3,000 K, 3,500 K or 4,000 K
  • High module efficacy: up to 145 lm/W at Tp = 65 °C
  • No CoB assembly necessary with poke-in connector
  • Chip technology from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
  • CE marked and UL listed
  • Diameter: 35 x 4 mm with LES 13 (Zhaga book 11)
  • Usable with SELV and DC (up to 60 V) control gears without additional insulation
  • Lifetime (L80/B50): 60,000 h (temperature at Tc = 65 °C)
Equipment / Accessories
  • System matches to OPTOTRONIC OTe, OT FIT, OTi DALI control gears
Family datasheet

Electrical data

Nominal wattage 17.30 W
Rated wattage 17.30 W
Nominal voltage 37.2 V
Type of current DC

Photometrical data

Total useful luminous flux 2000 lm
Luminous efficacy 116 lm/W
Color temperature 2700 K
Color rendering index Ra ≥80
Standard deviation of color matching ≤3 sdcm

Light technical data

Rated beam angle (half peak value) 115.00 °
Starting time 0.0 s
Warm-up time (60 %) 0.00 s

Dimensions & weight

Rated height 3.60 mm
Product weight 10.50 g

Temperatures & operating conditions

Performance temp. acc. to IEC 62717 65 °C
Maximum temperature at tc test point 100 °C
Ambient temperature range -20…+50 °C


Lumen end of time 0.80
Lifespan 50000 h

L80/B10 at Tc 65 °C

Rated lamp life time 50000 h
Number of switching cycles 100000


Dimmable Yes

Certificates & standards

Energy consumption 17 kWh/1000h
Standards CE
Energy efficiency class A++

Logistical data

Temperature range at storage -20…85 °C






4052899457386 UNV
4052899457393 VS
375mm x N/A x N/A 1190.00g 3.75dm³