Flexible Lighting Systems


Touch the Sky!

OSRAM Backlighting and stretch ceiling solutions

Designing better places

Achieve impressive design solutions for office and building installations and create skies of light for stimulating working spaces


  • Uniform light
  • Low UGR
  • Tunable white
  • Color control
  • HCL
  • Sound absorption
  • Hidden sensors
  • Unique shapes


  • Hospitality
  • Retails
  • Wellness
  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Marine interiors
  • Luxury home interiors
  • Customer luminaires

Freedom of shapes and spaces

Feel the freedom in our Design Inspirations

Smart, Connected and Dynamic Surfaces

The OSRAM flexible lighting Bluetooth control system completes the LED strips system for flexible and individualized lighting solutions.

Custom integrated luminaires, invisible wireless PIR sensors, wireless luminosity sensors, CCT sensors and more at your fingertips.

Your design vision – our product mission!

OSRAM offers complete systems and services for flexible and area lighting projects. Drivers, modules, accessories and compatible control systems – all in one.

Homogenous and smooth architectural beauty thanks to BackLED

OSRAM BackLED modules enable our customers to create time and cost optimized installations, with homogeneous light distribution throughout the whole emitting surface using a limited quantity of modules.

Disadvantages using LED tapes:

  • Product quantity
  • Installation time
  • Heat dissipation of LE

Advantages using OSRAM BackLED and mounting profiles:

  • Product quantity
  • Installation time
  • Self dissipating LE

Excellent Optics are Key – the OSRAM Square Lens

State-of-the Art homogenous backlit surfaces require excellent optics which ensure ideal light distribution. The OSRAM patented Square lens provides state-of-the-art quality - simulatenously fewer modules than before are required.