DALI ECO BT RTC – the new Bluetooth-capable control unit for Human Centric Lighting

Now with integrated clock for time-of-day-dependent lighting control

The new DALI ECO BT RTC (real time clock) is a stand-alone control, and is ideal for installation into floor standing luminaires with DALI DT8 drivers, due to its compact design. With the ECO CI KIT independent mounting is also possible. It has been optimized for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Applications, for use in the time-of-day-dependent or automatic change of color temperature and lightlevel, for example in offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and foyers. The integrated timer functions enable automatic time of day and weekday dependent lighting control. It is therefore the perfect choice for all those areas in a building where the illumination must be adapted to specific times of day, such as the opening hours of a shopping mall or the staffing times in a lobby.

Commissioning and operation via app

Equipped with a Bluetooth interface, the DALIeco BT RTC can be conveniently commissioned and operated via a smartphone. The necessary apps are available for both Android and iOS. The control unit can also be controlled via pushbutton (switching, dimming and color change).

Various connection options

The DALIeco BT RTC can control up to 32 luminaires – and the OSRAM DALI occupancy and daylight control sensors connected help to minimize the energy consumption of the entire lighting installation. In addition, OSRAM DALI pushbutton couplers can be connected to the DALIeco BT RTC – enabling, for example, group and scene control.

Plug-and-play functions (no commissioning required)

  • Manual switching and dimming via standard pushbuttons, OSRAM DALI PB Couplers or OSRAM BT Control App
  • Tunable White control if DALI DT8 devices are connected
  • Daylight harvesting if OSRAM DALI sensors are connected; to save the setpoint, just double-click the pushbutton connected
  • Occupancy detection with a 15-minute delay time, if OSRAM DALI sensors are connected
  • Predefined HCL-curve starts after the first connection with the smartphone and synchronization of the time; the Control app is sufficient

The OSRAM BT Config app provides some additional functions

  • Individual adaptation of the HCL curve (color temperature and brightness level during the day)
  • Timer functions for automatic starting
  • Activation of the Group control with up to 4 separatly controlled groups
  • Specific adaptation of individual parameters (delay time, standby function, absence/occupancy mode)
  • Additional parameters for special applications (e.g. behavior after a power failure, pushbutton settings, adaptation of the color temperature range, min./max. dimming value, etc.)
  • Fast commissioning thanks to pre-defined profiles and function groups (single office, open-plan office, corridor, stairway, classroom)
  • User-defined profile for adapting the parameters to specific requirements; convenient and error-free copying to several control units

Benefit from the many options of the DALIeco BT RTC.