DALI bluetooth light control unit for luminaire or ceiling integration - quick installation and comfortable configuration via smartphone

One DALI channel for controlling standard or tunable white LED drivers or any other DALI ECG, plug and play start-up and comfortable smartphone control via a free of charge app. State-of-the-art control for professional lighting has never been easier.

In line with the successful OSRAM toolbox approach, installation and planning of a DALIeco BT system is flexible. Components can be mounted directly into the luminaire or a false ceiling (with accessories). Up to 32 LED drivers, 4 light and motion sensors and an unlimited number of push buttons may be connected.

Starting with installation, you benefit from a high level of flexibility. According to the complexity of your project, you can choose freely from three different options.

DALI ECO BT - Installation made easy

1. Plug & control

Just connect the DALI line of luminaires to the DALI ECO BT control. Once mains voltage is applied, you can start controlling your light via your smartphone or with traditional push button (no configuration needed).

2. Scene setting via BT Control App

3. Convenient configuration via smartphone

With the OSRAM BT Config app, all settings can be adjusted. Thanks to pre-defined profiles, you can select the best settings for different office applications or create an individual profile according to the needs of your customer. This can be done especially quickly if you intend to operate several rooms with the same settings.

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