DALI Pro Control App and OSRAM DALI Pro

DALI Pro Control App

The functions of the DALI PRO Control App can be adapted with the configuration software of the OSRAM DALI PROFESSIONAL System as required. Multiple users can connect to the control in parallel. The single views can be configured individually for each user.

Overview of the App features:

  • Comfortable switching and dimming of illumination with status display
  • Clearly arranged through grouping of rooms
  • Access limitation with individual clearance of each control element per user
  • Activate/override daylight controls
  • Selection of static lighting scenes and dynamic sequences
  • Control element for colored light (RGB)
  • Control element for color temperature adjustment (TW)

Changing colors takes virtually no time at all: The RGB control element combines color and brightness adjustment.

Adjust the color temperature simply by using the app: The TW control element also enables you to control both color temperature and brightness.

DALI Pro Control

Easily manage complex lighting scenarios at a touch: switch or dim lights, change light colors or adjust the color temperature.


Software for configuration of DALI installations (in combination with OSRAM DALI PROFESSIONAL control unit CONT-4 RTC)

For small and middle-sized applications

  • Control of groups and scenes
  • Visualization of functional connections
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Automatic presence and sequence control
  • Display of resources
  • Real time clock functionality (only with CONT-4 RTC)

DALI Pro How-To-Video

Find out more about adaption of the functions of the DALI PRO Control App with the configuration software, parallel connection of multiple users to the control and how to configure single views for individual users.

In order to offer you maximum security, your desired software can be found in the password-protected area.

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