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Office Lighting LED easy & intelligent: HubSense


Scalable, intuitive to commission and flexible

The easy way of making office lighting intelligent

Digital lighting not only changes the way we illuminate rooms.

Above all, it also changes the way we use space more efficiently. It is about much more than just sustainability, energy efficiency and lighting comfort. Today, lighting should be flexible to react quickly to changes, intelligent lighting control should maximize savings and, of course, the lighting system should be easily expandable. All this without further wiring or structural changes. There is still a lot of untapped potential slumbering in offices, especially in existing buildings. Until now.

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From conventional to intelligent: HubSense

With HubSense, OSRAM now offers the possibility of transforming existing lighting systems into a flexible, wirelessly communicating lighting infrastructure during modernization. How does this work? Without great effort! Because HubSense is simple and intuitive. This easily scalable retrofit solution makes the planning, configuration and commissioning of wireless lighting control easier than ever before – from convenient planning with the web app to commissioning via smartphone and mobile app to simple operation of the system – for individual offices, corridors, conference rooms or open-plan offices.

HubSense networks existing buildings

Intuitive planning and fast commissioning

1. Creating a project plan

Using the web app, you can create a floor plan for the project on your PC or tablet – from a single room to an open-plan office. Predefined lighting control profiles, which can also be modified, can be assigned to individual zones. This work can be done in advance, which reduces the time required on site.

2. Commissioning luminaires on site

After the HubSense luminaires have been installed, the mobile app* is used for locating the luminaires via the RSSI filter and assigning them to the zones. The assignment of luminaires can be carried out by several installers at the same time.

The HubSense Commissioning Tool enables you to commission luminaires with OSRAM QBM components based on the qualified Bluetooth mesh radio standard. The system also supports battery-free wireless switches.

3. Reconfiguring the system

If you want to change settings at the end of the installation, you can use the web and mobile app to adjust the parameters of the individual zones as required, e.g. daylight control, dimming levels or delay periods. A new zone assignment is also possible.

The advantages of HubSense

  • Pre-defined profiles for office applications for fast commissioning and reduction of overall project costs
  • Intuitive user interface via touch screen
  • Optimized commissioning concept reduces required time on site
  • Wide range of lighting control profiles from manual switching to presence and absence control to daylight control
  • Intelligent linking of lighting groups between zones (e.g. corridors)

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