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How will you live in the future?

Light+Building 2018 Special

Welcome to Digital Lighting Systems

At Light+Building 2018 let us share our digital lighting Future City vision with you. See our smart technologies and system solutions across the areas of industry, office, outdoor and retail lighting.

What is Digitalization?

Looking at the upcoming transformation towards digital lighting, we see strong future trends in the use of wireless technologies, cloud services and IoT as the next level of optimizing end-user applications and satisfaction.

We also understand the desire for consumer applications driven from smartphones, and for using digital tools to make our lives easier, in everything we do. Digitalization demands from us but also allows us to do more and offer more than lighting. Data gathered with lighting technology can be made available to be used for application specific needs, enhancing the world around us.

How will you take part in the digitalization of lighting in the future?

OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems is developing and will provide the enabling systems and field technology components (drivers, sensors, light engines, lighting controls); and also the platform, digital services (algorithms) and professional services from application support to installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

We want to take the guess work out of the design and component choices, to enable our customers to focus on their business. We look forward to taking the step to digitization and the world of IoT together, with you.

Here is a small impression of what to expect at Light+Building -

Please join us in hall 2.0, booth B50 to get the full experience!

Human Centric Lighting - Optimized lighting for modern working environments

In the modern working world, employee wellbeing and productivity has become increasingly important. Our lighting systems support this trend with groundbreaking concepts for Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which focus on employees and the optimal light for their needs. For example, they bring the natural course of daylight and its biological effects into indoor areas. This is achieved by using artificial light with the right brightness and color temperature to supplement the daylight. The interplay of light and room climate creates an atmosphere that has a positive impact on the well-being of humans as well as on their productivity and health. For individually adjusted lighting systems, OSRAM provides Human Centric Lighting components.

For more product details, please visit the Office Area on the booth.

For further general information on HCL, interviews and downloads, please follow this link

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Retail - How will you experience shopping in the future?

...presented in a premium shop setting, you will discover a variety of lighting solutions: light channels with tunable warm white integrated in the ceiling, spotlights, shop windows using miniaturized LED technology, illuminated shelves and a sculptural installation created with flexible LED stripes.

Discover our system solutions, like the new PrevaLED Core G7 in combination with LED driver OT FIT CS – or LINEARlight Flex Tunable (Warm) White with OPTOTRONIC OT BLE DIM – Bluetooth Control.

For more product details, please visit the Retail Area on the booth.

Our Light+Building Highlights:

PrevaLED Core G7 3000 930 in system combination with OT FIT CS

Retail applications with compact light systems in scenographic perfection creates customer`s ultimate shopping experience. Sharp beams and small form factors with exceptional light quality: Spotlight modules PrevaLED Core G7 with OPTOTRONIC LED driver families OT FIT LT2 S and OT FIT CS G2 for an optimal OSRAM system solution.

Your benefits:

  • High level of beam control, especially for narrow beams
  • Small form factors
  • Exceptional light quality

LINEARlight Flex in system combination with OPTOTRONIC OT BLE DIM – Bluetooth Control

Flexible complete systems for applications ranging from general illumination to decorative presentations. Using LINEARlight Flex LED strips, homogeneous and flexible lines of light are easily integrated into architecture, furniture or any other object. The modules are easy to adjust and blend harmoniously into coves and shelves.

Flexible OSRAM shop lighting systems set the right stage for products, guide customers through stores and gently convey brand images by means of the mobile app controlling the OT BLE DIM light management system.

Your benefits:

LINEARlight Flex Tunable (Warm) White

  • White lighting adaptable to season and special occasions
  • Luminous flux: up to 4000 lm/m
  • Color temperature Tunable White: 2700K - 6500 K, Tunable Warm White: 2200K - 3500 K

OPTOTRONIC OT BLE DIM – Bluetooth Control

  • Dynamic lighting control system (White, Tunable White, RGB and RGBW LED)
  • Compatible with CASAMBI building control systems
  • Wireless 4-channel dimmer, with an output voltage of 12 V and 24V, up to 240W

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Office - How will you create an inspiring working space in the future?

…having an atmosphere of inspiration and well-being, by using extreme slim luminaires or smart working conditions with Human Centric Lighting (HCL-technology). To optimize the daylight sequence, HCL systems uses planar lighting sources, like PrevaLED Tunable White combined with OTi DALI Control. Further highlights to discover in our Office area is the DEXAL Technology.

For more product details, please visit the Office Area on the booth.

Our Light+Building Highlights:

Human Centric Lighting System: OTi DALI 35/220-240/400 D NFC TW L in system combination with PL-LIN-Z1 2200-TW 560x20 and DALIeco BT Control

Easy to install and configure TW/HCL system – simple configuration via Tuner4TRONIC, plug & play set up and control via App

High quality of light thanks to perfect match of driver – module via Tuner4TRONIC software without additional costs

Your benefits:

  • DT8 (Tunable White AND 2x DT6 (2 channel) in one device
  • High quality of light 1% ripple, 1…100% DALI-2 - selectable AM or PWM dimming by Tuner4TRONIC
  • Fully programmable with Tuner4TRONIC Software DALI or NFC – unique Software setup to program TW/HCL modes
  • Tunable White LED Module by adjustable colour temperature from 2,700 K to 6,500 K

Coming soon: OPTOTRONIC Intelligent OTi DALI NFC TW L


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DEXAL Technology – Enabler smart connected fixture

DEXAL enables luminaire manufacturers to supply specifiers with smart fixtures that offer data exchange and sensor connection without complicating the design and construction process. OPTOTRONIC LED driver with DEXAL technology provides a streamlined solution for individual fixtures to be a smart node on a networked light management system.

Your benefits:

  • Simplified luminaire design for wireless lighting control system and sensors based on a non-proprietary interface
  • Support by multiple light management system with “Works with OSRAM DEXAL” Components
  • Analytics possibility using luminaire data (power, energy, operating hours)
  • Significantly reduces the number of supported component configurations

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Industry - How will you ensure intelligent industry applications in the future?

…shown in a high rack environment and a production setting, you will discover trunk systems, drivers and light control systems – monitors and mobile devices are available to activate the installed systems. The correct lighting is a key benefit for safety and productivity. Our perfectly matching system solutions are ideal for demanding environmental conditions. Our highlights in this area are systems to increase productivity, minimize downtimes and monitoring data to allow predictive maintenance, energy analytics and faster replacement service.

For more product details, please visit the Industry Area on the booth.

Our Light+Building Highlights:

ENCELIUM + OTi DALI IND + IND Modules (Lin G4 / BRICK) + Highbay Sensor

Good working conditions, a maximum of energy saving and safe vehicular traffic is ensured by ENCELIUM - it responds to changing characteristics by providing the right amount of light whenever needed. With the hybrid technology there is always a solution to install and maintain even in difficult situations. Wireless devices and Highbay Sensors guarantee that an aisle is illuminated when needed. Luminaires with OSRAM OTi DALI Industry LED-driver allow the continuous collection of operating data. With their help the planning of maintenance is much easier, the onsite service could be reduced and also the energy consumption within a building could be optimized. This ensures best possible uptime and efficiency.

Your benefits:

  • Enables “Luminaire Info” and “Monitoring Data”
  • Remote Connection and Maintenance
  • Hybrid technology (wired / wireless)
  • Failure reports
  • Emergency lighting integrated

DALI Professional + OTi DALI IND + IND Modules (Lin G4 / BRICK) (PrevaLED LIN TW) + Sensors (HF / Highbay / PD LI)

HCL solutions for industry help to increase health, concentration and productivity and minimize failures or downtimes in production. Using DALI Professional, OPTOTRONIC OTI DALI TW drivers and PrevaLED Linear TW modules lighting solutions can be realized, which enable biologic lighting und help to stimulate employees and workers, optimize efficiency and production results.

Your benefits:

  • Connected Light Management System
  • Very easy commissioning
  • Control via App
  • Tuneable White DT 8

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Outdoor - How will you manage sustainable and safe cities in the future?

…in the street lamps rising up into the void of the architectural setting in the center of our booth, you will discover our systems and components. Beyond street lighting, signage and city beautification are solutions in this area with specific applications.

For more product details, please visit the Outdoor Area on the booth.

Please join us in hall 2.0, booth B50 to get the full experience!

Our Light+Building Highlight:

Tuner4TRONIC Field

Modern LED street lighting is optimized to meet the specific requirements of individual roads and reducing energy consumption to a minimum. But at the same time, the variety of luminaire types and thus the complexity of the installation increases, leading to more effort for stock management and longer replacement times. The Tuner4TRONIC Field App allows to adapt settings of standard luminaires to reduce complexity and replacement time to a minimum.

Your benefits:

  • Simplifies the installation and maintenance of street lighting luminaires by adapting standard luminaires to different needs
  • Copy/paste settings from a failed luminaire to a new one
  • Wireless and mains-voltage free programming

Download and read more about the Tuner4TRONIC field App and the software here

Please join us in hall 2.0, booth B50 to get the full experience!

Besides that we would like to invite you to our guided booth tours in German and English language (please see the schedule below) where you can learn more about the city of the future and how is OSRAM enriching our everyday lives with intelligent technology.

You can sign up for our tours at our info counter, where we are also happy to help you with any further inquiries.

Our guided booth tours

German language

English language

18. March Sunday10:30 – 11:3015:30 – 16:3010:00 - 11:0015:00-16:00
19. March Monday10:30 – 11:3015:30 – 16:3010:00 - 11:0015:00-16:00
20. March Tuesday10:30 – 11:3015:30 – 16:3010:00 - 11:0015:00-16:00
21. March Wednesday10:30 – 11:3015:30 – 16:3010:00 - 11:0015:00-16:00
22. March Thursday10:30 – 11:3015:30 – 16:3010:00 - 11:0015:00-16:00