LUXeye: Life is smart

Intelligent sensor with smartphone connection

The intuitive way to the perfect light control

With LUXeye, user-friendliness has top priority: Commissioning and use are easy and intuitive. This allows for a very simple and convenient implementation of a modern, energy-efficient light control with smartphone connection. The compact system with integrated sensor technology (daylight and presence) as well as Bluetooth® interface controls the light automatically and can be overridden conveniently via smartphone or pushbutton.

Areas of application

  • Conference rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Offices
  • Corridors
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Two versions: dimmable and with switch relay

Currently, the portfolio comprises two versions: While the dimmable version LUXeye Sense DALI BT can control up to 20 luminaires via a DALI interface, the second version LUXeye Sense 10A BT features a 10-ampere switch relay.

LUXeye Sense DALI BT
DALI interface for constant light control

  • Up to 20 DALI luminaires can be connected
  • DALI Broadcast (no addressing necessary)
  • Possible connection of up to three additional DALI sensors and up to three additional pushbutton couplers

LUXeye Sense 10A BT
Optimized switch relay for LED load

  • Relay bypass for high in-rush currents prevents damage to the load relay
  • Increases the connectable LED load
  • Lifetime of up to 100,000 switching cycles

Easy commissioning and operation according to demand

Quick installation and comfortable adjustment – manually or via smartphone.

Starting with commissioning, you benefit from a high level of flexibility. According to the complexity of your project, you can choose freely from three different options.

Commissioning made easy

1. Plug & play
Just connect the luminaires to the control and mount them into the ceiling. Once mains voltage is applied, the LUXeye is automatically calibrated and controls the lighting according to demand with the daylight and presence detector (no commissioning required).

2. Manual adjustment with a screwdriver
The basic functions light level and delay time can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver (no smartphone necessary!). This saves time and does not require any other tools.

3. Convenient adjustment via smartphone
With the LUXeye config app, all settings can be adjusted. Thanks to pre-defined profiles, you can select the best settings for different office applications or create an individual profile according to the needs of your customer. This can be done especially quickly if you intend to operate several rooms with the same settings.

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