NFC technology

Saving time and money

Combined with the Tuner4TRONIC software, wireless near-field communication (NFC) used in OSRAM LED drivers reduces time and costs in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of luminaires.

A common practice during the luminaire manufacturing process is to set the output current of the LED drivers with resistors. This practice is outdated as resistors require dedicated manual labor and are more expensive, less secure, less accurate and less flexible than software programming. Therefore, resistors do not fulfill the growing demand for customization that comes with modern LED luminaires.

OSRAM’s programmable LED drivers support a variety of features that go beyond the simple adjustment of the output current and help you get the most out of the LED drivers. Depending on the application, the following features are available: Constant Lumen Output, Emergency Light, Touch DIM, Corridor Function, Tunable White, Configuration Lock etc.

OSRAM offers an industry-proven solution consisting of an intuitive software suite and standardized plug-and-play hardware interfaces to optimize, simplify and speed up the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires.

Hardware interfaces for manufacturing

The MD-SIG standardized NFC readers allow a quick, wireless and mains-free process. NFC, which is short for Near-Field Communication, makes programming as easy as it gets. Take the LED driver, place it on top of the NFC interface and it’s done! No mains voltage is required. Or use the handheld NFC reader, which also ensures quick and easy programming. In most cases, it is possible to read out the driver’s confi guration even after the device’s failure.

Hardware interfaces for the field

Android smartphones with NFC antenna can be used to program NFC LED drivers. In case your smartphone has a low-quality NFC antenna or does not have an NFC antenna at all, you can also use the optional NFC scanner. This device can be easily connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and provides a reliable and stable NFC connection. It also offers a more comfortable way of programming LED drivers assembled in a luminaire.

Wireless NFC interfaces


The Tuner4TRONIC (T4T) software suite allows luminaire manufacturers to program OSRAM drivers via DALI and/or NFC in a simple, fast, reliable and cost-effective way, speeding up the production process. This software for Windows consists of four main modules:

  • T4T-Development
  • T4T-Production
  • T4T-Machine
  • T4T-Field

Tuner4TRONIC-Development is the perfect choice to configure LED drivers by setting individual parameters such as output current, dimming levels, constant lumen output, and operating modes.

Thanks to its multi-level password system, Configuration Lock protects LED drivers against unauthorized changes while service technicians can still be granted access rights for selected features. Once the configuration has been completed, the settings are exported as an encrypted read-only production file and transmitted to the production line.

Tuner4TRONIC-Production provides a multilingual user interface. Operators can conveniently load encrypted production files in order to start automatic programming for the fast mass production of LED drivers. Changes to the LED driver configuration are not possible during this stage.

DALI Magic or FEIG NFC Reader serve as hardware programming interfaces for driver programming. NFC Readers enable fast, cable-free working without a power supply source.

Tuner4TRONIC-Machine seamlessly complements our unique software suite. Its DLL and command line tool enable integration into the existing automatic programming, as well as the testing of stations in the production line.

OSRAM offers custom integration into ERP systems as an add-on service to optimize the production process.

Tuner4TRONIC-Field makes the installation and maintenance of street light luminaires as easy as it gets by allowing the wireless programming of OSRAM outdoor OT 1DIM and OT 4DIM NFC LED drivers and without the need for mains voltage.

After entering the service password of the LED driver provided by the luminaire manufacturer, the user can adjust the luminaire settings according to the specific needs and within a predefined range set by the manufacturer.

Typical examples could be the adjustment of light output or changing the dimming times or levels. Using the copy and paste functionality of the T4T-Field app, the settings of the original luminaire can be easily transferred to the new one in a matter of seconds.