Smart LED lighting control offers new opportunities for installers

Smart lighting control has become an integral part of the Home Automation market. Domestic customers love the ability to control almost every aspect of their lighting via their smartphone or tablet device. Now products such as OSRAM LUXeye LED lighting control system are bringing this level of light control functionality to the commercial sector. Lighting in offices, factories and shops can now be controlled by an intelligent smartphone app – providing excellent new opportunities for installers.

Benefits for customers

  • Easy to use with lighting control via light control app
  • All lighting adjustment can be made via smartphone
  • Highly controllable LED lighting with long life and low energy consumption
  • Advanced lighting features such as daylight-dependent regulation, light and presence sensors
  • Smartphone apps available from App Store and Google Play
  • Lighting control from smartphone, wireless and Bluetooth

Benefits for installers

  • Advanced lighting control that’s easy to install
  • Many installation and maintenance features controlled from smartphone app
  • New and exciting revenue opportunity with little or no training required
  • Provide excellent ‘value add’ to custom installation projects
  • Deliver foundation for further connectivity and automation
  • Ability to create deeper relationship with customer based on intelligent lighting functionality.

LED lighting brings almost infinite variety for the lighting designer and installer. High quality LED light manufacturers like OSRAM have dramatically improved light output, color quality, lighting system performance and purchase cost of LED light sources and luminaires. The missing element was smart and connected light control. Solutions like OSRAM LUXeye now allow you to deliver full control to your customer from their smartphone LED controller app.

An installer can provide smartphone-based lighting control to customers with very little training to install the product. This ease-of-use for both customer and installer is likely to drive the rapid adoption of smart LED lighting controllers within the commercial sector. Within a few years, OSRAM expects that all new lighting installations will specify some form of connected light control app as an integral part of the project.

This is an area of lighting that offers incredible possibilities for installers. It allows you to deepen your relationship with customers by providing intelligent lighting functionality. This starts with the ease-of-use and flexibility of a smartphone LED lighting controller app - like OSRAM LUXeye – and opens the door to greater connectivity and automation in commercial settings.

For installers, the question becomes which connected lighting control solution to choose. It should be easy to use, feature-rich and provide a foundation for the future. OSRAM LUXeye LED lighting controller app has been specifically designed to meet all these requirements. It allows you to provide customers with the same push-button control at work that they are familiar with at home.

To find more about Smart LED lighting control systems for commercial applications and the benefits that OSRAM LUXeye light controller app offers installers and your customers, visit OSRAM LUXeye.