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Where there is a fluorescent tube that has an LED replacement, the key areas to consider include:

  • The lamp base and holder screw fixing position for the fluorescent tube. Look at the physical dimension of the replacement LED lamp and how it fits into the existing housing.
  • The electrical characteristics of replacement LEDs compared to the existing fluorescent tube system. (mains voltage, low voltage, control methods).
  • The location and size of the light emitting surface in relation to the luminaire reflector in the LED replacement and in comparison to the original fluorescent tube light source.
  • The light distribution, lumen output and other photometric properties like colour temperature of the replacement LEDs in comparison to the original fluorescent tube light source.
  • The heat generated by the LED replacements during operation and the maximum operating temperature.

There are a wide range of light fittings – including screw cap, Edison screw, large and small bayonet, and Mog End Prong – that are all covered by the same safety standards. In Europe, every light fitting – including LED light fittings - must have a CE label. This tells you that the light fitting conforms to all the relevant European safety standards. The most important of these is EN 60598 that covers electrical, thermal and mechanical safety of the light fittings.

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