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DALI light control via APP with OSRAM BT Controls

Professional lighting control with DALI ACU BT and DALI ECO BT.

Both controllers can control up to 32 DALI devices via smartphone. In this tutorial, we show you how several lights can be grouped and controlled by app. It is possible to control up to four groups simultaneously and to define the functions of couplers to control, for example, light scenes. Group and scene control depending on individual sensors with the smartphone are thus also possible.

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PrevaLED COIN DIM to Warm

Learn in this video tutorial how professional dimming of LED lights works based on the Dim to Warm principle. The adjustment of the brightness is achieved by regulating the light temperature or color, ie from warm white (dimmed) to cold white (light). We will explain the setup using the dimmer OTi DALI 15, as it can dim up to 1% without flicker. Alternatively, the light control can be taken over by smartphone, with DALIeco BT (Controller and App).

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LUXeye - autonomous lighting with daylight and presence detector

The smart solution for demand-based and energy-efficient lighting. LUXeye allows for a simple and convenient implementation of a modern, energy-efficient light control with smartphone connection. The compact system with integrated sensor technology (daylight and presence) as well as Bluetooth® interface controls the light automatically and can be overridden conveniently via smartphone or pushbutton.

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The compact control unit for manual dimming and switching of DALI luminaires is easy to install. It is combinable with all common pushbutton plates and mounted in standard flush boxes in four easy steps.

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Discover how to install, cut and connect premium LED strips from OSRAM for indoor and outdoor applications. Discover how to create homogenous lines of light and chose the right accessories for best in class results.

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