Hotel Kempinski, Budapest

The first floor of the Hotel Kempinski in Budapest with its eight meter high, traditional architecture was to be given the sophisticated atmosphere of an event and of a special experience with the aid of state-of-the-art lighting technology, impressing international customers as they enter the hotel. The symbiosis of tradition and modern styles was to be implemented in a fascinating way with a high level of energy efficiency.

Project description

The aim of the lighting project: The first floor of the highly traditional Kempinski hotel was to be given a new, stylish, modern character by implementing a completely new philosophy of lighting, so that international guests gain a long-lasting impression when entering the building.


Category: Hospitality, Flexible Lighting
Subcategory: Luminous ceiling/decorative backlighting
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2013

Solid architecture given a light, elegant appearance

LINEARlight Flex ADVANCED and LINEARLight POWER Flex LED strips have also been installed with light colors 827 and 865. With the interplay of color temperatures in which for example individual ceiling elements gain a different tonal emphasis, solid supporting structures in the architecture are rendered lightweight and elegant. This is seen with the two dominating columns that have been redesigned to resemble a form of artwork. Their polished plaster surfaces now shimmer radiantly due to the indirect light. A curved, stone stairway leading to event and conference rooms also emanates a sense of lightness.

A cosy atmosphere in the middle of a busy hotel

The decorative perforated sheet balustrade, reminiscent of Art Nouveau, which is famous in Budapest, serves to separate the second floor from the atrium. The graceful appearance is emphasized by backlighting with BackLED S Plus LED chains from OSRAM controlled via the OPTOTRONIC control gear OTi DALI DIM and OT 60 W. The "living room" located in the middle of the busy atrium was inspired by the local "coffeehouse" culture. Guests are now able to relax in a comfortable atmosphere in this urban oasis. The patisserie takes on a special function, emphasized with its colored glass rear wall backlit with BackLED L Plus LED chains. Shelf and cove lighting based on flexible LINEARlight Flex ADVANCED or LINEARlight Flex Short Pitch LED strips add to the pleasant spatial atmosphere. The indirect light that can be mixed as required from light colors 827 and 865 serves to reduce the bulky appearance of the furniture, creating a relaxing and inviting ambience.

General illumination and setting accents in the "És Bisztró" restaurant

The És Bisztró restaurant serves authentic Hungarian and Viennese specialities. This is communicated with the rustic wooden floor and simple white tiles on the walls, giving the impression of a large farmhouse kitchen or a cosy parlor in a country restaurant. The circular pendant metal luminaires form a contrast to the linear cove lighting based on LINEARlight Flex ADVANCED and LINEARLight POWER Flex LED strips. This seamless line of light is for both general lighting and to set accents.

Lighting system matched to the outside light

The atmosphere of the promenade as a stylish and comfortable lounge, equipped with walnut wood-clad columns, leather sofas and bronze-colored tables, changes throughout the course of the day. In the morning hours, direct sunlight passing through the glass canopy of the atrium determines the atmosphere of the space, and in the evening a more atmospheric lighting dominates. Compact, high output DRAGONeye mini spotlights have been installed in the niches and around the columns as supplementary lighting to the LINEARlight Flex ADVANCED LED strips. The warm white light emphasizes the inherent colors of the materials used thus reinforcing the homely atmosphere. The long-term cooperation with the project partner Rio Lámpastúdó as well as the precisely coordinated lighting system from a single source was vital for this atmospheric lighting solution.

Used Products

Project Partner

BuilderKempinski Hotel
ArchitectMKV Design, London
PlannerMKV Design, London
PlumberRio Lampastudio