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Future-oriented LED lighting solutions for the new headquarters of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

OSRAM OS headquarters – Regensburg, Germany

The new head office of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg is impressive not only for its modern architecture and contemporary interior design. It also demonstrates the outstanding lighting expertise of the OSRAM family of companies. LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, luminaires from Traxon, smart lighting management systems from e:cue, and LED strips, drivers from OSRAM Digital Systems are all perfectly matched to one another to create a pioneering lighting system – efficiently interconnected and with a state-of-the-art human centric lighting concept.


Category: Dynamic lighting, Flexible Lighting, Office, Human Centric Lighting
Location: Regensburg
Technology/Services: ECG for LED modules and dimmers, Light engines and LED modules, Light management systems
Year: 2019

Total OSRAM lighting expertise: state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions for the new office building of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg.

Functional and dynamic indoor LED lighting: OSRAM CHRONOGY human centric lighting (HCL)

The aim of human centric lighting is to take aspects of natural light, namely its quality and its biological effects, and apply them to interior spaces. If the visual, emotional and, in particular, biological effects of light are comprehensively planned and implemented, then human centric lighting will have beneficial long-term effects on health, wellbeing and performance. People and their requirements in terms of their living, leisure and work spaces are the always the focus of this solution. The balance between artificial lighting, natural daylight, architecture and technology creates the right light at the right time for the given requirement.

Intelligent dynamic control of the brightness and color temperature of the artificial light significantly improves wellbeing and performance in the workplace by

  • supporting and stabilizing individual circadian rhythms
  • encouraging both activity and relaxation
  • having a positive influence on concentration
  • stabilizing performance and reducing fatigue
  • promoting regeneration
  • improving mood
  • and strengthening the immune system.

At the new headquarters of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg 3,000 control devices for luminaires, more than 350 sensors and numerous KNX switches have been interconnected to enable innovative lighting management applications such as presence detection, time-based control, daylight-dependent control and swarm control to be implemented in a unified system. In developing the HCL concept special emphasis was placed on high vertical illuminances in energizing mode (up to 500 lx), dynamic white color temperatures (TW – Tunable White from 3,000 to 6,500 K) and dynamic lighting control with the option of scene and real-time programming. Wherever possible, large-scale indirect lighting systems were installed in the rooms to create artificial skies.

Efficient and economical lighting management system

The heart of the lighting installation is the e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT lighting management system from OSRAM – powerful smart lighting software which offers intuitive user-friendly system operation in conjunction with various e:cue SYMPL components. The dimming and color values for each individual luminaire or group of luminaires are calculated based on the time of day, the brightness of natural daylight and information from 350 OSRAM PIR brightness and presence sensors delivered to SYMPHOLIGHT via the DALI bus. And of course the statuses of the light switches (KNX) are also processed and intelligently linked. The system supports the latest control standards (DALI Version 2 and Device Type 8) and therefore offers a dynamical color temperature curve throughout the day.

The system’s swarm function is proving to be particularly efficient. If individual workplaces are still occupied in the evening, the lights above them can be set to 100%, whereas others nearby can be dimmed to 10% output to save energy and therefore costs. Also connected to the central SYMPHOLIGHT control software are the LED media screen at the entrance and – via e:cue SYMPL components – the 144,000 DMX channels. Other advantages of the control system are that the IT infrastructure of the building can be used without having to install additional cabling and that employees can be easily assigned access rights so that they can control the light at their workplace – for example via a web browser on their PC or tablet.

The e:cue Smart Lighting platform offers users of the building the option of developing additional functions and algorithms themselves which go beyond the usual lighting functions. The open interfaces of the platform also enable many other smart systems to be integrated so they can interact with the lighting system.

Smart, demand-based lighting control in combination with the innovative energy monitoring function makes the lighting control system particularly transparent. Thanks to the e:cue Smart Lighting platform, the lighting-based energy consumption of the entire building can be monitored and considerably reduced. Luminaire outages and faults are automatically reported to Facility Management, saving even more time and costs.

State-of-the-art HCL, general and accent lighting

In view of the biological effectiveness of light, around 1,000 TW LED recessed luminaires have been installed in the open-office areas and conference zones to simulate the changes in natural daylight over the course of the day, energizing employees and improving their concentration, stabilizing performance and reducing fatigue. Starting at 6 o’clock in the morning with a color temperature of 3,000 K and a horizontal illuminance of 500 lux, by noon the illuminance reaches its maximum of approximately 800 lx (horizontal; i.e. approximately 300 lx vertical) at a color temperature of 6,500 K. The higher illuminance and color temperature boost the concentration and performance of the employees. By 6 pm, the values have reduced to 3,000 K and 500 lx. To achieve this dynamic behavior, each luminaire has been equipped with two OTi DALI 80 LED drivers from OSRAM Digital Systems – one for the warm white LED channel and one for the cold white channel. OTi DALI 80 drivers are ideal for this application because they can be fully programmed via software thanks to the DALI interface and also because they offer high-quality amplitude dimming.

Seasonal influences are automatically taken into account in this smart lighting concept and integrated into the programming – across all the floors of course to ensure the uniform appearance of the lighting in the entire building.

Not least for reasons of visual appeal the ceiling luminaires in offices, conference rooms and Skygarden have not been arranged in a rigid geometric grid but freely and asymmetrically distributed. Without any loss of functionality the lighting system therefore not only meets aesthetic requirements but also creates a pleasant and calming atmosphere in the workplace.

Relaxed atmosphere and effective lighting in the Skygarden

The glazed Skygarden cube on the fifth floor is a central architectural design element and special eye-catcher. In keeping with its use as a canteen and lounge, the Skygarden has LED wallwashers and LED downlights with a warm light color (3,000 K). These are supplemented by light coves with LINEARLIGHT Flex LED strips along the walls – a visually appealing vertical lighting solution which gives the room a pleasant atmosphere.

Effective façade lighting and media solution

The special lighting backstory of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is also reflected in the outdoor lighting solutions for the new head office, implemented with Traxon products. The most striking element of the façade is the gigantic LED screen that frames the entrance. Consisting of a large number of 64pxl Board LED components, this LED media screen is extremely versatile – capable of displaying everything from abstract lighting effects to event-related information. In the evening and during the night when the functional office lighting is not in operation the building takes on a completely new face. Monochrome Tube LED luminaires outline the central body of the building with white lines – a spectacular three-dimensional architectural effect. The ceilings in the open office areas and in the Skygarden are lit indirectly in the OSRAM corporate color of orange by linear Allegro RGB LED luminaires, with visual interaction with the two OSRAM logos creating an unmistakable identity for the building.

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